10 Reasons to Outsource the Software Development

Nowadays, more and more great ideas need their software development in order to be brought into life. However, forming your own in-house team of developers, managing, training, and retaining them is a pretty hard and time-consuming task, and it especially does not make much sense when the project is short-term. For these reasons, there comes outsourcing. Outsourcing software development has become hugely widespread during the recent years and many successful projects have been launched this way.

So, here are 10 reasons why hiring an offshore software development team pays off and helps reach amazing results.

Saving costs

First and foremost, outsourcing is meant to cut costs. Even if the cost factor is not of the highest importance, it is definitely one of the key ones. Spending minimum money is especially crucial to the startup companies which are only about to enter the market and capture their share, because they usually lack funding.

Most often, when you hire a team of the offshore developers, the final cost of your project will be lower comparing to that of the in-house team. Since you are not geographically limited, you can easily choose an area or country with lower average prices and incomes than those in your region. This way, your labor and operational costs got to be lower and it does not influence the quality of work. Also, outsourcing software development saves you from enormous upfront costs for forming your in-house team of software developers. Not only do not you have to spend money on the whole hiring process, but also, as you hire a team of professionals which know their thing, you don’t need to invest in their training. Therefore, choosing your outsourced vendor implies paying only for the development of your product and sets you free from any other overhead, operational, technological or training costs.

Saving time

Outsourcing the software development enables not only saving the money but also your precious time spent on figuring out and studying software development, searching the developers, and forming the development team. You just take the one, which is already made up, has quite enough experience, and successfully functions on the IT market, and pass the vision and idea behind your project as well as give specific tasks and timeframes for their execution. Since this is the team of experts, the work has all the chances to be more efficient and you will have clearly set time constraints. This way, with well-organized and professional work of your outsourced software house team, it will be possible to launch your product even faster. Moreover, you avoid all the time expenses spent on hiring IT in-house staff, its managing, education, and motivation needs. If somebody from the development team quits, it is not your problem since it is a task of your outsourced partner to find the right person.

Experts on board

When you look for the offshore software development provider, you look for the experts in this field. There are plenty of software development companies worldwide with specialization on different technologies, and this number grows all the time. Therefore, outsourcing gives access to the huge pool of talented and experienced developer teams around the globe who know how to kick your project off successfully.

You can easily find a dev shop with relevant skills set for your business and years of experience in their field. Usually, software development companies have their set up approach which works, established workflow, pre-defined procedures, and well-trained engineers. What is even more important, they can offer experienced and qualified team of professionals who will be able to handle your project development and overcome possible challenges on the way. So you can get the team on which you may rely and which will be there if you need it.

This way, with right outsourcing partner, you receive a highly-skilled team, which will provide your project with effective tools and well-defined strategies for getting show on road. Overall, it results in costs reduction, saving time, and, eventually, more productive and accurate work.

More than just developers

Software development process requires not only a team of developers. You will also need Quality Assurance specialists (QAs) for monitoring every phase of the development process, detecting bugs and ensuring the quality and readiness of the project to be released in public. There are also UI, UX, and graphic designers needed in order to take care of how the product looks and feels. Furthermore, you will need a project manager (PM) who has to organize effective planning and execution of the project development course of action. Of course, hiring all these staff means more money and time involved, so when you outsource, there are all chances that your third-party digital firm will have all these positions on its board.

Focus on the core competency

When you opt for the outsourcing, it allows you to concentrate on your core business goals and not to dive deep into the development technologies and coding. Thus, it helps decrease the burden on your company staff and enables it to do other important tasks. There are many different tasks which require thorough and intensive work, such as marketing, sales, customers management, content, design, networking, maintenance, and many other ones depending on the specifics of the company.
Focusing on your primary goals and working on them will be much easier without programming processes on your shoulders. It will bring benefits in the long run and have a positive influence on the company’s growth.

Technological advancements

Hiring experts in their field is not only about having your job done professionally. Working with the outsourced software development company gives access to technology advancements probably not available within your in-house team. Companies which specialize on technology and software development usually keep up with the latest trends and advances in this area. They use the latest and most effective development tools in order to make their work highly productive.

Technology is constantly evolving and software houses keep the track of it. When the software development part of your project goes to dev shop with decent experience in technology and innovations, it will have a great impact on your business and make it easier to get a competitive advantage.

No licensing costs

Obviously, software development of any product means there must be many high-tech tools involved in this process. Nowadays, many of them are open source, can be obtained for free without any one-time or regular fees, and are used and distributed freely. At the same time, many software tools and technologies require license fees for their usage and distribution, which is often a lot of money. When you outsource, this concern belongs to your offshore provider and you do not have to worry about the licensing expenses, since it is not your business anymore.


This factor is especially beneficial when it comes to the short-term projects. Recruiting developers, their training, adaptation, and forming a team in general requires a lot of money and time. And when the project goes live, you may lose the need for the previous number of developers as less work must be executed. Both keeping your extra employees just in order not to lose professionals or firing them directly after the work is done do not seem to be the right options. Therefore, on condition that the development of the project is not supposed to take a long period of time, the idea of making up your own in-house team does not sound as the most effective way out. You can always continue your cooperation with the offshore developers when there is a need for it, but you have the choice and you do not lose in any case. Plus, this way you prevent yourself from additional costs, such as medical insurance or bonuses for employees. Moreover, when looking for outsourcing team, you are free to choose the cooperation model which will fit your requirements such as fixed price, time and material model or dedicated team.

Better accuracy

When you start working with an outsourced team, you have all the rights to call for the clear deadlines and pre-defined budget. Usually, outsourcing software development companies know how to deal with the timeframes, have their established and proved working procedures, and will easily estimate the time and resources needed for the development of your product and stick to it. Thanks to their experience and proficiency, dev shops understand how much effort and costs particular tasks within the project demand, so you can expect pretty accurate project budget and less risks of the unexpected expenses.

A simpler way

All facts considered, outsourcing is a much easier way to get things done as you do not have to go far into the details of the whole technological process and form the complete and competent team for working on it. You do not have to look for the members of your development team one by one, check how they work separately and as a team, fire them when the project is over and then hire again if something new is being started. Instead, you can just outsource an already built up team with valuable experience and excellent reputation.

So, as you can see, there are significant reasons to search the software development team somewhere overseas. It is really important here to find the right offshore partner, which will become a part of your own team. And when you do, it will help you save your time, cut costs involved in the building process, focus more on your core competence, and have other valuable benefits highlighted in this article.