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Healthcare Website Design: 7 Examples, Tips – Exoft

Since the modern world is becoming more and more digital, hospitals and other healthcare organizations also start depending more on their digital marketing strategies and healthcare websites to continue their mission. Exoft, as a software house, has vast experience in custom healthcare software development that is crucial for each healthcare service because healthcare sites allow […]

What is a LIMS | What does LIMS stand for? – Exoft

Let’s begin with answering the next question: what is lims? Firstly, lims stands for a laboratory information management system, so the more appropriate phrasing will be “what is a LIMS?” A lims is software that provides laboratories in different parts of the world with data management, automation, and regulatory solutions. In terms of functions, a […]

Warehouse Management | What is warehouse management system – Exoft

No matter if you have a sufficient amount of inventory to fill numerous football stadiums or hardly enough to fill your small garage, the appropriate management of your products’ journey is critical for the e-Commerce and retail industry to succeed. Today, customers want to receive the ordered goods in the selected specifications much quicker than […]

Logistics Management Software | Best logistics software | Exoft

In the contemporary digital era, more and more companies make a transition from outdated and manual approaches and choose logistics management software instead. Logistics management software offers lots of opportunities to boost business efficiency, foresee potential difficulties, and prepare responses to them. Additionally, these technologies give a possibility to get real-time information which will is […]

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