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7 Things To Take Into Account Before Launching A Startup

It is a well-known fact that launching a startup is not going to bring you profits and fame immediately but, first of all, it requires a lot of hard work and taking risks. You have to be ready to handle all the demands and challenges this business requires, so you should get prepared beforehand. Of […]

Android vs iOS: Where to Start Building Your App

Launching a startup and building it for every platform and device may be hard. That is why, beginning from one platform sounds like a good idea in order to start the ball rolling and save your time and money. If you have got to choose one platform, from which to start, the following question is: […]

5 Tips for Outsourcing Product Development

You can have a brilliant idea but no full-pack tech-savvy team to implement it. Thankfully, nowadays, it is not a problem anymore. Outsourcing software development has become so common that plenty of successful projects have been launched this way. Instead of building your product from scratch on your own by learning how to do it […]

What are the characteristics of successful startups?

Everybody would agree that launch of a startup is extremely popular these days. Startups are created all the time while software development is in constant evolvement. Of course, creating a company from scratch is a quite challenging and uneasy task. Nevertheless, at the same time, it is totally possible and plenty of examples in a […]

What you need to know about building MVP

In current fickle marketplace, startups appear all the time. However, statistics shows they fail much more often than succeed. Meanwhile, it should not be a valid reason not to start one. There are more and more ideas and approaches aimed at preventing immediate collapses of new projects and discovering the reasons of it. One of […]

Online payment systems: which way to go

With the prevalence and increasing growth of internet, there are more and more sales conducted through this global network. Selling online has a lot of benefits. It works with buyers, who take impulsive decisions and get the desire to buy something immediately. It provides purchases on the international level. After all, it just makes the […]