Pros and Cons of .NET Development | Exoft

If you’re looking for a tech stack for app development, Dot Net (or simply .Net) is probably something you’ve heard of a lot. This technology has a rich ecosystem and it often becomes a programmers’ main choice when it comes to building different types of digital products. According to the 2019 Stackoverflow survey, .Net and […]

Android vs iOS Development: Pros and Cons for Your App | Exoft

Ideally, a mobile solution should work on both the Android platform and the iOS platform. Yet, in some cases, for example, when the budget is limited, you have to decide on which operating system to launch an app first. Some people think that there is absolutely no difference which option to choose. But, in fact, […]

Enterprise Digital Transformation: Best Practices

Digital transformation is inevitable for business survival these days. Companies that want to remain relevant and keep delivering value to their customers must adopt modern technologies and move towards innovation. Yet, the process of becoming a digital enterprise cannot be completed overnight. It requires a holistic approach and the total involvement of all stakeholders, including […]

How to Create a HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine Platform

Virtual care delivery is a great way to make clinical services more accessible, convenient, and safe, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and similar health crises. However, the more a medical treatment process is digitalized, the higher is the risk of unauthorized access to protected health information (PHI). To avoid data breaches associated with telehealth services, […]

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