Native vs Cross Platform Development – Exoft

Native vs cross-platform mobile development seems to be an age-old debate. Today, it represents the second biggest fight after the struggle between iOS and Android and divides the tech community into two groups.

The Difference between UI and UX: UI vs. UX Design – Exoft

In web design, ux and ui designs are among the most confused and conflated terms. Both ui/ux are always used together as ui/ux design and are considered like they tend to describe the same thing. At the same time, it is often difficult to find appropriate descriptions of the particular terms using simple language with […]

Healthcare Website Design: 7 Examples, Tips – Exoft

Since the modern world is becoming more and more digital, hospitals and other healthcare organizations also start depending more on their digital marketing strategies and healthcare websites to continue their mission. Exoft, as a software house, has vast experience in custom healthcare software development that is crucial for each healthcare service because healthcare sites allow […]

What is a LIMS | What does LIMS stand for? – Exoft

Let’s begin with answering the next question: what is lims? Firstly, lims stands for a laboratory information management system, so the more appropriate phrasing will be “what is a LIMS?” A lims is software that provides laboratories in different parts of the world with data management, automation, and regulatory solutions. In terms of functions, a […]

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