ERP for Construction Industry and Infrastructure

Today, companies from the construction business and related industries must be ready to remain successful in such challenging market conditions. That is because using material resources effectively and ensuring the appropriate level of flexibility in project management are essential.

Software Outsourcing to Ukraine: Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Developers

Advanced tech infrastructure development, many tech universities, and an incredibly active tech community – these factors are the critical ones making Ukraine the most attractive outsourcing destination for international companies. At the same time, Ukrainian software developers are recognized among the world’s best. That proves the high quality of Ukrainian software development services in the […]

How To Manage a Software Development Team

In many cases, managing software development teams is similar to other different types of team management. You do not need to have programming skills to understand how your team members get tasks completed. Also, you may not comprehend various technical aspects of software architecture, but you can know the typical roadblocks, preferred tools, or the […]

What is no code? A Guide to No-Code Development | Exoft

No code approach has a very straightforward name which does not require a lengthy explanation. No-code development is based on utilization of visual programming languages which enable creation of powerful programs and applications without any coding.

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