Top 5 Innovative Features to Add to Your Supply Chain Software Today

Businesses from logistics, manufacturing, and retail sectors can hardly stay afloat in the modern world without a supply chain management system in place. But just having SCM software is not enough to meet high industry standards nowadays. As IT solutions become outdated on average every 2-5 years, company’s software needs to be regularly upgraded so […]

How Uber Freight Is Changing the Freight Forwarding Market

Although the Uber Freight was released in the US more than two years ago, there is still a lot of discussions around this app. Should traditional freight forwarders feel threatened? How does it transform the industry standards? As the company recently kicked off its expansion into Europe, these questions have become even more relevant. To […]

Top 6 Logistics Startups to Watch Out For in 2021

The logistics industry had long been considered a “closed club” for established enterprises that have a lot of vehicles and storage facilities on their balance sheets. But the new technologies opened a door to this business sector for the new players – ambitious logistics startups. They are confidently winning the market by creating innovative solutions […]

The FedEx-Huawei Case: Key Lesson for Logistics Businesses

The ongoing US-China trade war has recently got to its another peak of escalation. The tense relationships between two major players of the world trade arena became even more complicated after FedEx, one of the largest US transportation service providers, missed the delivery of a parcel to the US.

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