How to Start a Mobile Dating App

With the invasion of technology, life will never be the same again. Nowadays, people can’t imagine their lives without computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Consequently, it influences almost all sides of our lives – from work to personal life. Yeah, when it comes to personal life, technology is used actively. People use their smartphones not only to connect with those they already know, but to meet new people and build new relationships.
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7 Things To Take Into Account Before Launching A Startup

It is a well-known fact that launching a startup is not going to bring you profits and fame immediately but, first of all, it requires a lot of hard work and taking risks. You have to be ready to handle all the demands and challenges this business requires, so you should get prepared beforehand.

Of course, there are plenty of things to take into consideration when diving into this business but let’s outline the crucial ones, which are going to help your startup launch process run more smoothly.
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12 Startup Tools You Should Try Out

Everybody knows that creating and developing startup is quite a hard thing to do, which requires a solid amount of time, efforts, and costs. That is why every business aims at boosting its productivity and efficiency level to the greatest extent. Thankfully, there are many free and low-cost web-based tools, which simplify different parts of startup business and make running startup easier and more efficient.

So, let’s take a look at 12 amazing tools, which will increase your startup productivity.
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How to Make Agile and Outsourcing Work?

It has been going on for years – the discussions whether it is possible to align outsourcing software development and Agile methodology. Despite the myth that outsourced projects get on well only with Waterfall approach, now it is clear that combination of Agile and outsourcing is entirely possible. Many successful examples have proved that companies can put together these two ways of doing things and make the most of such synthesis. A lot of businesses are eager to combine Agile practices and outsourcing software development since both approaches have undeniable advantages. However, such integration needs efforts from both sides – customers and a software development company.

So what does it take to combine Agile methodology and outsourcing software development successfully? Let’s discover it in the article.
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Things You Need to Automate in Your Business

5 Things You Need to Automate in Your Business

Time is extremely valuable when it comes to running a business, and if you do so, you must know it. Thankfully, there are so many tools available out there, which automate different tasks, and this way making work will be easier and faster, and it will save so precious time and costs. In this article, you are going to find the tools with the help of which you can automate your line of business and make the work done much more effectively.
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Event Apps as a Growing Trend in the App Development

Nowadays, there are more and more people, who are eager to invest in experiences more than things. People like to travel, discover the places they have never been to before, experience new activities, visit new events, develop themselves, and just have a great and memorable time. Even this sphere of human’s life was touched by mobile app development. Event app industry is constantly increasing, offering new apps, which enable to discover numerous different events nearby relating to the most various areas, from business and professional meetings to music concerts and parties.
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How to manage an outsourced development team

6 Tips for Managing an Outsourced Team

Outsourcing software development is hugely prominent nowadays and we can hear many, many stories about the projects, which were built with the help of an offshore partner, and succeeded. When choosing outsourcing, you receive a bunch of great benefits, such as access to the talent pool of real professionals around the globe, high level of scalability, costs and time reducing, ability to focus on your core competency, access to the latest technological advancements, and many more.
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10 Reasons to Outsource the Software Development

Nowadays, more and more great ideas need their software development in order to be brought into life. However, forming your own in-house team of developers, managing, training, and retaining them is a pretty hard and time-consuming task, and it especially does not make much sense when the project is short-term. For these reasons, there comes outsourcing. Outsourcing software development has become hugely widespread during the recent years and many successful projects have been launched this way.

So, here are 10 reasons why hiring an offshore software development team pays off and helps reach amazing results.
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Сommon mistakes when outsourcing software development

10 Common Mistakes When Outsourcing the Software Development

Outsourcing the software development has a significant number of advantages. First of all, it makes it possible to choose highly qualified professionals since there is access to the best offshore developers around the globe. Moreover, you can save your development costs by choosing the country where the average cost of the software development is lower than the one in your country. Eventually, it enables focusing on your core competence and not diving deep into the development details since this function is delegated to your outsourcing partner.
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How Much It Costs to Develop an App like Uber

How Much It Costs to Develop an App like Uber

For nearly 7 years on the market, Uber has made a revolution in taxi service hitting the records with numbers of people using it. Since smartphones has been occupying people’s lives, providing an easy-to-access, comfortable, cashless, quick, and effective way to hire a cab by just using your mobile phone, simply must have become popular and it still is.

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How to Choose Development Platform for a Mobile App

Android vs iOS: Where to Start Building Your App

Launching a startup and building it for every platform and device may be hard. That is why, beginning from one platform sounds like a good idea in order to start the ball rolling and save your time and money. If you have got to choose one platform, from which to start, the following question is: Android or iOS? Both of them are two main operating systems dominating the market nowadays. It has been for a while already and it seems this tendency is not going anywhere in the near future.
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Top free travelapps

11 Outstanding Free Travel Apps

Nowadays, most of the travelers begin planning their trips on the mobile phones. Except such big names among travel apps as Trip Advisor, Google Maps, Skyscanner or Airbnb, there are so many, which come in handy and cover different sides of traveling. From finding a place to stay and the most convenient way to get there to city guides, currency exchanges, and sending postcards – travel apps cover this all and much more.
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Top project management tools

7 amazing project management tools

You can have a brilliant idea and highly skilled professionals in your team but if there is a lack of project management and not enough collaboration, it all can be in vain. For sure, project management is a crucial and at the same time complicated process that requires a lot of effort and time. Thankfully, technology has also touched this sphere and there are many web-based project management tools that are pretty easy to use, and they are an important part in making the process run much more smoothly.
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Outsourcing Product Development

5 Tips for Outsourcing Product Development

You can have a brilliant idea but no full-pack tech-savvy team to implement it. Thankfully, nowadays, it is not a problem anymore. Outsourcing software development has become so common that plenty of successful projects have been launched this way. Instead of building your product from scratch on your own by learning how to do it and diving deep into technical details, you can simply outsource a team of professionals to carry it through. This boosts the chances to have your work done faster and in a more qualified way, and you can concentrate on the not less significant stuff.
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Make Entity Framework 10x faster in 20 minutes

Databases grow alongside with business of our clients. It’s a widely known fact that load on systems emerged in production increases with time. Therefore, it could cause performance degradation. Another cause of performance degradation over time is change in business rules. It causes steep leap in load. SSD manufacturers are constantly inventing new technologies, and Microsoft offers for us memory-optimized tables since version 2014. Scalability of both solutions is limited in comparison with caching. It’s important to keep in mind that speeding up drives and increasing memory size doesn’t always provide desirable performance. Ever-growing load/business could be speeded up dramatically using caching of query results.
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Healthcare mobile apps

Healthcare mobile apps which make a change

It is hard to believe that by downloading a mobile application you can do something good for your health. Actually, you can. It is possible if this mobile app relates to healthcare industry. Nowadays, world has improved so much that we can have a video consultation from a qualified physician on health issues without leaving home, ask for help in case of emergency by pressing a button on our phones, find out what is the name of the disease we are likely to have by just putting down the symptoms on our gadget, get a workout plan according to our needs and preferences using a mobile app, etc.

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wireframing and prototyping tools

Top 9 wireframing and prototyping tools

Basically, when creating prototype or wireframe you create a preliminary version of your final product. Through prototyping and wireframing you introduce your idea to the world, pass the purpose of the project to users through its basic functionalities and interactivity, get valuable feedback, and discover whether your project satisfies customers’ needs or must be improved. So, it is definitely worth it. However, there is a huge number of prototyping and wireframing tools on the market, and choosing the right and perfectly suitable one for your project may prove to be a tricky task.
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Creating an online store

Creating an online store: hosted vs self-hosted ecommerce platform

In case you want to build your own online store, there are a lot of things you must pay attention to and there are lots of decisions to make. Certainly, one of the key solutions will be choosing an ecommerce platform that would be the most suitable and comfortable for you and your potential clients. While launching an online store becomes much easier with the years, deciding on the ecommerce platform, which will host your store, becomes trickier because more options, features, and characteristics appear all the time and they all must be taken into consideration.
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characteristics of successful startups

What are the characteristics of successful startups?

Everybody would agree that launch of a startup is extremely popular these days. Startups are created all the time while software development is in constant evolvement. Of course, creating a company from scratch is a quite challenging and uneasy task. Nevertheless, at the same time, it is totally possible and plenty of examples in a recent history can prove it.
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alternatives to WordPress

11 most popular alternatives to WordPress

WordPress is superfamous, and everybody knows it. It is said that nearly 30% of websites in the world are powered with WordPress, which is absolutely impressive number. However, being suitable for building websites of any kind and the most dominant Content Management System (CMS) in the world doesn’t mean it is the perfect tool for everybody who is about to create a website. Obviously, WordPress is not the one of a kind. There is still an enormous amount of website builders out there, which may satisfy your needs to a greater extent and provide exactly those features, which you are looking for.
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