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We build high-grade .NET development solutions for businesses of different sizes, from startups and SMEs to large enterprises. A broad spectrum of our professional .NET software development services can cater to the most complex project needs.

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.NET development services we offer

We provide end-to-end .NET development services to businesses operating in various markets all over the globe. With advanced programming skills and solid .NET development expertise, our development company can leverage the capabilities offered by this technology to help your business reach its objectives, no matter how high the bar is set


Azure development services

Microsoft Azure comprises cloud services that allow programmers to create and manage software products. With Microsoft Azure development, we can build sophisticated .NET solutions for your business in relatively short terms.


ASP.NET web development

ASP.NET is a server-side framework for building dynamic web applications and sites. By using this technology within dot NET software development projects, our team can create powerful content-driven web products tailored to the client’s needs.


.NET Core development

.NET Core is a framework for building web applications for Windows, Linux, and Mac. With .NET Core development, our team can create an outstanding cross-platform product for your business that will be compatible with different OS.


Application lifecycle management

Our application lifecycle management services cover the definition of a product concept, specifications, design, development, testing, deployment, and support of all kinds of .NET solutions.


Xamarin development

Xamarin is a .NET implementation for mobile app development. It allows programmers to build high-quality mobile applications for multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows) while sharing up to 90% of the codebase.


ASP.NET enterprise solutions

If you opt for these .NET software development services, our team will build a reliable and scalable solution for your enterprise that can be easily integrated with other systems in your IT ecosystem.


Dedicated development team

We offer dedicated team services for dot NET development projects. You can either hire an individual programmer or ask us to assemble a team of pre-vetted software engineers for your company.

Expertise in various industries

As a reliable .NET software development company, Exoft has provided robust .NET consulting and .NET customization services for businesses from different industries


Many .NET development companies work with the healthcare industry, and Exoft is no exception. We utilize .NET technologies to create custom software development solutions for clinics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and life-science businesses. Our .NET team leverages up-to-date technologies like machine learning to build top-notch software development products and assist healthcare providers in maintaining secure and reliable patient-caregiver relationships

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Logistics & transportation

Exoft is a .NET development company that has vast experience in building custom software development apps for logistics companies. Our .NET developers create machine learning-powered applications that assist clients in optimizing transportation, strengthening vehicle security with specific emergency systems, etc. After all, our software development company always focuses on time-saving and cost-effective products for service providers

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Using the .NET framework, our development team has built many high-quality software development solutions for manufacturers worldwide. Thus, our .NET software development services allow for the creation of products in the .NET environment that improve cooperation within large enterprises, make relationships with manufacturers’ partners stronger, and ensure data-driven decisions


As an experienced .NET development company, Exoft also brings its .NET services to retail businesses. Our .NET expertise and the ability to work with cloud-based Azure services allow us to utilize the .NET framework effectively and help retailers in their digital transformation. In recent years, our .NET developers deliver many excellent software development solutions for goods sellers

Banking and finances

Exoft web services include using the .NET framework to build custom software development solutions for banks and other financial institutions. As a .NET application development company, we work on software development projects that help enhance management effectiveness, boost client service, add payment options, and secure customer data

Why opt for .NET technology stack

.NET is an open-source platform backed by Microsoft that allows programmers to develop a wide variety of web, mobile, and desktop products. Its rich technology stack is beneficial for businesses and development teams in numerous ways

Fast delivery

.NET development is based on an object-oriented programming (OOP) model and heavily relies on reusable components. This ensures faster programming while implying no compromises on code quality.

Cloud-ready solutions

The .NET technology stack includes a range of cloud-native technologies. This allows businesses to develop modern cloud-based software explicitly designed with interoperability in mind.


.NET is supported by Microsoft. All technologies covered by its stack hold leadership positions in the market and are regularly updated. Besides, .NET has a large and active developer community

Versatility and flexibility

With a comprehensive .NET ecosystem, you can develop any software product you wish, from a simple mobile app to a complex enterprise-wide system. Its technologies are flexible enough to satisfy a broad spectrum of digital needs businesses may have.

High performance

.NET tech stack is the most optimal choice for companies that consider advanced software performance a priority. With .NET, you can build robust solutions that have a short response time and use minimum possible processing power.


.NET is supported by Microsoft. All technologies covered by its stack hold leadership positions in the market and are regularly updated. Besides, .NET has a large and active developer community.

.NET application architecture

As a .NET development company, Exoft offers the best .NET software developers to assist you in choosing the most appropriate .NET application architecture solution for your project. Here are the most common types you can consider for your mobile apps


The particular architecture is perfect for small and mid-sized .NET projects prioritizing the speed of custom .NET software development solutions over their features. Thus, using multiple tiers provides more straightforward QA and testing during .NET application development and further maintenance


This type of .NET development project architecture suits .NET applications that require new components. It allows for facilitating loads, continuous deployment, and updates when working on a particular .NET project


Cloud-native software development technologies and specific APIs help enhance the capabilities of your .NET applications. The relevant architecture for a .NET development project can be advantageous if you work on large-scale mobile apps requiring scalability and interconnectivity

Our process of .NET application development

From the project initiation to the post-release maintenance, our team can support you throughout the entire .NET software development journey. Here’s what will happen after you send us a request:

Step 1

Idea definition and estimations

First of all, we’ll discuss your idea, make all necessary clarifications, and analyze the project requirements. Our team will also provide you with preliminary estimations of development time and budget at this stage.

Step 2

Product development and testing

Next, we’ll start converting your idea to reality. This stage comprises such steps as UI/UX designing, coding, and testing. Once we complete them, the product will be ready for release.

Step 3

Delivery and deployment

At this stage, we’ll release the .NET-based solution built per your requirements. Our team will deliver the product to you and prepare the environment for its deployment. We’ll also transfer all the documentation.

Step 4

Post-release maintenance

Our team provides maintenance services. It means that we won’t leave you alone with your .NET solution after its launch. Performance monitoring, troubleshooting, bug-fixing, and updating — we can cover all these tasks for you.

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Cooperation models

Companies providing .NET development services offer different engagement models to ensure efficient cooperation in your .NET development process. Exoft, as a leading .NET app development company, provides customers with the following options to choose from due to their needs and budget defined for building their mobile apps

Resource augmentation

Strengthen your .NET web development with extreme security. With our resource augmentation services, you will get Exoft .NET developers to join your in-house specialists for load sharing

Buckets approach

Clients with smaller custom .NET development projects can select a particular approach to collaborate with .NET application development companies. This method of partnering with a custom software development company provides many benefits like the opportunity to pay after .NET developers complete the project

Fixed cost model

Selecting this model allows for optimizing the needs of your custom .NET application development project within your budget. A fixed-cost approach suits .NET core projects with specific custom software development requirements and thoroughly detailed scope

Time and material

Such an approach is a great option when a .NET software development company works on projects with approximations using the .NET platform. It provides software development companies’ customers with a chance to pay for the man-hours and necessary resources they utilize while obtaining .NET application development services

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Frequently asked questions


Where is .NET used?

.NET tech stack is used for building a wide variety of web, mobile, and desktop applications. It can be a good fit for projects with different scopes, from simple solutions to complex feature-rich systems. It’s also a popular choice when it comes to cross-platform or cloud-based development.


Java or .NET: which is better?

There is no single answer to this question. Both technologies are proven and reliable, so everything depends on your project requirements. If you need more detailed professional advice, just contact us. We’ll discuss your idea and help you decide whether you need Java or .NET.


What are the advantages of ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core brings a lot of benefits to the table. The main of them include ease of use, cross-platform nature, high performance, and a cloud-ready environment.


Can Exoft, as a .NET development company, build custom software development solutions using serverless architecture?

Like many other .NET development companies, we can deliver software development projects using a serverless approach. But our development company is among the leading ones when it comes to expertise, reliability, and cost- and time-savings.

Case studies

When it comes to creating a custom software development solution for your business from scratch, experience matters a lot. Explore our cases of .NET software development to view some interesting projects our .NET developers have successfully completed.

Construction Logistics Solution

Their technical skills truly outshone the competition. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work has been outstanding.

Product manager at the client’s company

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Custom Telemedicine Solution

Exoft adjusted to the customer’s timeline, development cycle, and predefined needs appropriately. Their development team provided significant transparency and maintained open communication. That allowed managing the customer’s expectations successfully and creating the efficient

The customer's Product Owner

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Logistics Web and Mobile Software

They were excellent at adjusting their resources to fit our needs

CTO at the client's company

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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