.NET vs Node.js: What to Choose

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Nowadays, web development is an ever-changing process, which promotes the appearance of multiple new trends, frames, programming languages, and tools each year. Among the most popular technologies for agile software development are net core and node.js. During recent years, the community of front-end and back-end developers have had discussions about these two server-side developing technologies. Although net core plays a critical role in creating enterprise application development, node.js features are also competitive.

dot net vs node js

What is NodeJs?

The Node.js open-source environment was designed in 2009 for Linux and Apple’s macOS. It served as a key JavaScript competitor against the Apache HTTP server and allowed developing adaptable web applications. Since Node.js depends on developing javascript code, programmers prefer using it for front-end and back-end web development projects. Today, migrating to JavaScript is among the most interesting trends. That allows connecting libraries written in different languages and interacting with I/O devices due to Node.js.

In addition, implementing an event-driven, non-blocking approach makes Node.js more preferable in data-intensive real-time mobile apps. The particular model can always use system resources efficiently. But if you compare .NET vs node.js performance, the second option is not preferred in software development projects like video and audio processing.

What is .NET?

The net core is an open-source web application framework designed by Microsoft. Initially, the particular server-side technology had two branches, such as the .net framework (performs only on Windows) and the .net core that is cross-platform. However, all the future releases represent .net core versions and are renamed as .net. If you consider .net vs js frameworks, the net lesson library is efficient for creating cloud-enabled, Internet-connected applications.

In 2002, the asp.net core appeared. The modern asp net platform provides the architecture’s effectiveness and accuracy, the newest ideas, and techniques required for appropriate agile software development. While Node.js apps are built using Javascript programming language, the net core apps are created with net languages such as C#.

Asynchronous and synchronous processing model difference: NodeJs vs .NET

The comparison of Node.js vs net allows claiming that Node.js performs on a single thread. It needs fewer resources compared to typical process request methods. Regarding request handling, it involves taking a request, and if you can process it immediately, the response is sent. Then, you need to pass a time-consuming API call to the event loop and proceed to the next incoming request. Finally, a callback function is used for sending back the response. The particular model is known as a point conventional approach.

When analyzing Node.js vs .NET, it may be possible to think that .NET uses only the old blocking thread pool approach for handling requests. However, the net core provides significant support for applying asynchronous programming patterns. While DbContext.SaveChanges is an example of the synchronous approach to saving user data, DbContext.SaveChangesAsync is used for saving log user data asynchronously.

In addition, comparing node.js vs net core, the second approach includes the I/O completion method for handling asynchronous requests. It means that allocated threads do not wait until the arrival of a response. At the same time, .NET handles heavy resource-consuming requests such as encoding and decoding video or audio. Ultimately, this technology is highly competitive in handling concurrent tasks.

.NET vs Node.js performance

In terms of performance, there is a need to consider use cases regarding the measurement of performance. For instance, it is critical to understand that being Fast and handling Load are two incredibly different scenarios. Thus, the performance may vary in each use case.

Comparing .NET vs Node.js, the second technology is widely used to handle load since the net core can dedicate single threads for all requests from a particular thread pool. When requests get out of the threads, they get queued up. But if they are non-blocking, there will be no problem.

Another critical factor related to performance is the type of web pages rendered. If you compare Node.js vs .NET, the second approach will win for rendering static pages thanks to the in-built IIS server. Besides, analyzing .net vs node.js, the net core handles CPU-intuitive tasks more efficiently than node.js.

dot net vs node js


When considering .NET vs Node.js, you should remember that lower latency is much better. Although the graph may show a significant difference, it is calculated in milliseconds. And it will not be more efficient unless you build projects that deal with numerous requests.

Community support

To compare the net vs node.js, you need to analyze community support. Both technologies are provided with strong community support. For instance, Node.js has had active community support in GitHub since the beginning. Meanwhile, comparing the net core vs node.js, the first one has great community support in Stack Overflow.

Platform support

Node.js performs on different platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, or IBM, from the beginning, which has increased its popularity. Comparing .NET vs Node.js, the net core had another approach as it was initially designed only for Windows. However, since 2018, .NET has passed a massive revolution, and it performs on Windows, Linux, or macOS today.

Advantages of using NodeJs

  • The key advantages of using node.js are the following:
  • You can apply the javascript code on the server-side;
  • The development team executes javascript code for running both front end and back end development projects;
  • Node.js is a cross-platform technology by origin;
  • Thanks to the cross-platform libuv library, you can interact with the operating system and conduct asynchronous programming;
  • The ability to use external modules with numerous web applications with no need to install them;
  • A dedicated software development team may apply pre-written code from the package management tool for developing quickly and efficiently;
  • Using Node.js allows the creation of modules that you can implement in different applications.
  • Besides, they will not execute code;
  • Developing V8 is closely connected with new versions of Node.js. V8 promotes converting the javascript code into byte code and its further use in virtual machines.

Advantages of using .NET

The key advantages of using net core are the following:

  • The opportunity to separate concerns;
  • Reducing coding time;
  • Power of customization;
  • Flexibility, simplicity regarding the use;
  • Enhancing extensibility, security, manageability;
  • Constant monitoring;
  • Cross-platform migration;
  • Providing support to coding environment & tooling;
  • Developing and deploying across multiple platforms, cloud services, IoT solutions.

Popular companies using NodeJs

The Node.js platform is created primarily for widespread use in developing javascript code. That allows this platform to expand its capabilities significantly, which makes the server-side javascript environment platform more universal. By using Node.js, developers can build scalable network applications or even work on much smaller, lightweight projects.

You can use the particular technology stack for:

  • building web applications;
  • creating apps for Linux, OS X, and Windows;
  • developing APIs.

Among the most popular companies that built web apps on Node.js are PayPal, Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, and so on.

Popular companies using .NET

The net core platform helps deploy different programming languages, dynamic link libraries, and editors to create websites, web applications, mobile applications, or games. Websites like StackOverflow, Microsoft, and Dell are built using a server-side scripting language. Also, among the most popular net desktop apps are Visual Studio, Reflector, and GNOME Do. At the same time, many companies depend on the net core, including Chipotle, UPS, GoDaddy, or Siemens Healthineers.

How to make the right decision?

Ultimately, Node.js vs .Net – which one to choose? After considering all critical things, the net platform fits perfectly for larger server-side applications, while node.js is more helpful when developing applications for small and medium-size services. Comparing .net vs node.js, the net framework provides higher performance, but node.js can compensate for that by its lightness.

If you want to get more insightful and dynamic thinking about the net vs node.js, or discuss the peculiarities of developing web applications using these technologies, contact the Exoft team to get professional advice. As a leading software development company, we have vast experience in composing adaptable web applications.

dot net vs node js

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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