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Exoft builds up-to-date software solutions for oil and gas companies that allow for optimizing processes, minimizing expenses, increasing productivity, and achieving business goals

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Оil and Gas Software Development Solutions

At Exoft, we use our expertise and best existing practices to guarantee efficient software development of oil and gas solutions. We help customers streamline their processes by creating high-quality products tailored to their specific business needs and compliant with specific environmental regulations. Our team is responsible for risk management, security, and quality-related issues to build a first-class product


Digital workforce management

Workforce management is often challenging, mainly for oil and gas businesses, because of the high number of personnel. But with our digital solution, you can eliminate the relevant challenges by providing smooth staff management. By leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), etc., we can build software tools that improve employee supervision, assign tasks, and promote collaboration between staff and seniors


Drilling operations management

Exoft utilizes the hottest technological breakthroughs to assist drilling businesses in increasing their productivity. Our manufacturing execution systems help reduce production costs and system failures and improve performance. Lastly, cooperating with various stakeholders and experts allows for combining the required hardware and software solutions to ensure the effective management of highly complicated projects.


Asset management

Proper operational efficiency is impossible without reliable asset management. Exoft builds tools for dealing with petroleum products, which makes them perfect for most oil and gas companies. Our team finds it crucial for such businesses to manage assets appropriately. That allows for reducing downtime, complying with necessary standards and logistics requirements, saving costs, and monitoring resources. Besides, asset management tools are essential for improving safety, promoting performance, and reducing risks.


Fleet management systems

With fleet management products, customers can guarantee proper gas transportation, control their fleet constantly, and even monitor drivers’ behavior during delivery. Exoft can create tools offering automated safety inspections, real-time tracking, and communication options. Our team can improve your workflow by developing an application that will enable seamless management of the company’s assets and enhanced supply chain.


Operational analytics

Data is among the vital parts of each modern industry. We create world-class data analytics tools that provide valuable insights into management processes and decision-making. Exoft develops solutions, using information from various systems. That allows for conducting predictive and preventive maintenance, optimizing drilling activities, and strengthening safety when delivering petroleum products to remote locations.

Oil & Gas Software Basic Features

Successful digital transformation of the oil and gas industry, along with the integration of modern technologies, helps companies increase productivity, reduce production costs, provide informed decision-making, and expand their impact. At the same time, the most common features of oil and gas software are:

Field performance monitoring

Pipeline performance tracking

Convenient geo-navigation

Analytical options

A round-the-clock system access

Quick and easy map creation

Data visualization via real-time dashboards

Integration with third-party systems

Why Exoft

Our oil & gas software development process constantly evolves to support the modern changing business environment. Thus, Exoft believes that implementing a fresh approach for each project is crucial. With a deep knowledge of oil and gas products, we can build a robust tool to solve clients’ critical challenges

Our Expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry

As a reliable oil & gas software development company, Exoft has vast expertise in the following:

  • Developing technological solutions like computerized systems that enable oil extractions
  • Maintaining and improving mobile applications to inform and plan adjustments regarding the petroleum wells’ state
  • Enhancing mobile apps to manage the customer’s agenda
  • Migrating and reengineering software applications
  • Optimizing code and databases
  • Providing software training and support
  • Deploying comprehensive predictive systems
  • Developing technological tools for mining companies and businesses dealing with drilling, production, and maintenance and integrating them with various services, databases, and third-party products
  • Developing enterprise software that helps the customer with particular supply chain activities, including inventory management and fleet management
  • Creating solutions to check the quality of operational data that oil wells record

Our cooperation models

Providing our oil and gas software development services can depend on one of the following cooperation models:

Dedicated development team

Exoft’s dedicated developers leverage the latest tech trends to deliver top-notch oil & gas software development services and solutions to customers from a relevant industry

Team extension

Using a team extension model aims to assist customers in extending their teams with the correct expertise necessary for an oil and gas software application development project

Project-based model

We can provide companies from the oil and gas industry with experienced software engineers to help them boost productivity and deliver their specific projects

Technologies we use

To create robust oil and gas software development solutions, Exoft utilizes the following technology stack:






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Frequently asked questions


What types of software do oil and gas companies need?

Businesses within the oil and gas industry utilize software solutions for equipment maintenance, analytics and reports, supply chain management, risk management, pipeline performance tracking, and many more


How to Choose a Proper Oil and Gas Software Development Company?

First, you must consider your business requirements and create a list of software agencies specializing in the oil and gas industry. Then, you should compare the expertise and costs offered by such companies and analyze their reputation and completed projects. Finally, contact some companies you have defined and discuss the opportunities for cooperation in detail. That will allow you to choose the most appropriate option to satisfy your needs.


Will we sign an NDA?

Sure. Exoft values the privacy of our customers and always signs an NDA.

Case studies

When it comes to creating software solutions for the oil and gas industry from scratch, experience matters a lot. Explore our portfolio to view some projects our oil and gas software development company has successfully completed.

Construction Logistics Solution

Their technical skills truly outshone the competition. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work has been outstanding.

Product manager at the client’s company

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Quarry Automation Platform

Exoft has handled all the tasks I’ve given them very well. They were willing to work longer hours when we needed something urgently. They’re always thinking about how our projects can be improved, and they always perform research before executing a task.

The client's Product Owner

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WellsUp Oil and Gas Software

Throughout the relationship, Exoft has been an extremely supportive partner. In addition to communicating in a timely manner, the team is proactive and reactive, quickly addressing any issues that arise. Their ability to work with out-of-the-box ideas sets them apart from other vendors

Sami Suheil, COO at WellsUp

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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