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Our client is a multinational provider of software products for commercial plantations. The company’s main goal is to help agriculture businesses increase revenue through the adoption of innovative management systems. The client’s team sent us a request to build several digital products that would improve the everyday operations and logistics processes for agriculture enterprises. In particular, the envisioned solutions had to enhance the plantation effectiveness by automating administrative workflows and making farming practice more controlled.


The client wanted not just to digitize separate tasks but to cover various management needs of agriculture businesses. That’s why our team had to create multiple access levels in each farming application. Besides, we needed to ensure the smooth integration of solutions with each other to make all pieces of a customer’s IT infrastructure work seamlessly together.


  • Inventory management tool
    This desktop solution covers order and warehouse management. It allows farm managers to track the flow of goods, from the moment they enter a warehouse and to the moment they’re delivered to customers. It also streamlines order processing and invoicing.
  • Notification system
    This system enables real-time updates of information and distribution of notifications about important changes among the company’s managers. In addition, it allows users to set reminders about different events for themselves and other team members.
  • Database management solution
    This software solution aims to help agriculture businesses effectively leverage the data. It can collect, store, and analyze a large amount of information, assisting farm managers in making data-driven decisions.
  • Logistics mobile app
    This mobile application is created to meet the logistics needs of plantation enterprises. Equipped with GPS capabilities, it helps to define the right vehicle for transportation of farm produce, track the status of orders, etc.

Scope of work

Bringing the client’s ideas to life required an enormous amount of work. The company needed a reliable technical partner that has strong expertise in both agriculture and logistics. Its team came to us with some pieces of functionality that had been already built by other development teams engaged in this project. Our task was to create a design and develop several desktop and mobile applications. We provided the following services:

Our services


agriculture software solution


Within this project, our team created several smart farming tools that aim to help plantation businesses improve operational efficiency and production processes.

  • Reduced costs
    Solutions built by our team allow agriculture companies to cut expenses by using resources more effectively and increasing business mobility.
  • Improved business outputs
    Agriculture software systems that we developed for this client help farm managers perform more tasks in the same period of time and improve their quality.
  • Strong customer relationships
    With agriculture desktop and mobile applications, plantation companies can deliver better services to their customers.
  • Enhanced accuracy
    By automating routine workflows, smart farming solutions practically eliminate the risk of human mistakes.

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