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Alert notification app for the fast dissemination of urgent messages

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Our client owns a construction company. Most of its employees don’t sit all day at computers —  they either work on remote sites or travel. Besides, different categories of employees use different devices (e.g. PCs, smartphones, tablets). So informing them about emergencies or other unexpected events was a real challenge. Since staff safety is a priority for our client, he approached us with a request to build a notification application for his business. Such an app had to simplify the fast delivery of critical notifications to employees wherever they are.


The client wanted to integrate the new emergency notification app with other enterprise solutions. But since the company’s IT infrastructure included some legacy software, we had to ensure that all systems work flawlessly together. In addition, our team needed to create an intuitive UX design for this alert app to help the company’s officers respond to emergencies in seconds without wasting time looking for the necessary feature.


  • Multi-channel notification delivery

    Allows the company to send out alerts via several communication channels at once (e.g. push notifications, desktop pop-ups, e-mails, SMS).

  • Recipient grouping

    Helps the client ensure that the right people receive the right messages by segmenting all employees into different categories (e.g. office workers, builders, etc.)

  • Scripts & notification templates

    Lets the company react instantly to emergency situations by choosing one of the premade scenarios or template messages.

  • Delivery and response tracking

    Allows the client to monitor who received and read the message; all responses to alerts are also visible in real-time.

  • Reports and analytics

    Lets the client to automatically generate reports showing analytics on the read receipts, delivery performance by group or channel, and other metrics.

  • Integration with HRMS

    Allows the company’s officers to import employee contacts from the existing database by integrating with the company’s HR management system.

Scope of work

We built this app for emergency warnings and information from scratch. The full-cycle development rendered by our team covered the following services:

  • Baseline evaluation  & research
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • UI design


.NET Framework 4.5

Bootstrap 3

ASP. NET Web Forms



SQL Server



MVVM Toolkit



Our team developed an easy-to-use alert notification app that integrates with the client’s existing software and has all the necessary features to enable the dissemination of critical notifications to the company’s employees. Development of this app has brought our client the following advantages:

  • Resilience against emergencies

    The emergency notifier helps the company effectively handle incidents and unexpected situations, keeping its personnel informed and safe.

  • Streamlined communication

    The alert app creates a two-way communication channel that the company may use to reach all or separate categories of employees at any moment.

  • Compliance with safety regulations

    The notification app helps the company ensure compliance with safety standards required by government regulations.

  • Continuous improvements

    The emergency notifier allows the client to see how his company reacted to an emergency and make improvements to disaster recovery scenarios if needed.

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