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When the client contacted us for the first time, he’d just started a company that provides data center services to e-commerce businesses. To reach out to customers, he needed a reliable web platform that would showcase all products offered by the company. In addition, the platform had to automate the processing of some typical customer requests like resource booking and setting the vServer configuration.


Our client knew that the competition among  data center services providers is tough, so the usability of the web platform was his first priority. But an intuitive design wouldn’t itself solve all user problems — we had to combine it with comprehensive functionality and advanced security.


  • Service ordering

    Online retailers can rent colocation facilities, order web or cloud hosting services, and buy a domain via the web platform with minimum complexity.

  • vServer configuration manager

    The platform allows its users to set the vServer configuration in a few clicks with the help of a simple form.

  • Online resource booking

    Users don’t need to contact the support team to book data center resources, they can do everything themselves at any time of the day or night.

  • Additional admin panel

    This feature allows the client’s team to ensure top-notch maintenance, monitoring, and security control.

Scope of work

When we started this project, the client had just established his business as a data center services provider, so we needed to create the web platform from the ground up. Our team provided full-cycle development services that comprised the following components:

  • Baseline evaluation  & research
  • Information architecture
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • UI design & responsive design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Quality assurance


.NET Framework 4.5

Bootstrap 3




SQL Server


OAuth 2

Entity Framework



We built a fully functional web platform that met all client’s requirements. It allowed e-commerce businesses that chose to work with the client’s company to receive a number of advantages:

  • One-stop-shop

    Online retailers can find all data center services they need on a single platform so they don’t waste time and money on purchasing different web products from different vendors.

  • Advanced security

    The web platform requires multi-factor authentication and the level of its security control is higher than average. So the risk of data leakages or cyber-attacks is rather low.

  • Easy-to-use solution

    The platform is designed with users in mind. Internet merchants can easily customize data center services right from the web platform based on the needs of their stores.

  • Reliable support

    The web platform has a convenient admin panel so even if some issues occur, they can be resolved quickly and effectively.

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