Construction Logistics Solution

A robust web platform for improved management of construction projects

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Our client is a Swedish software vendor that specializes in logistics solutions for construction businesses. Its team decided to build a web platform that would help the company’s customers plan their logistics on construction sites. The main task of the envisioned solution was to optimize the management of all the resources, i.e. orders, deliveries, and materials. It also had to simplify cooperation among different parties involved in the process, i.e. suppliers, freight forwarders, and construction managers. The client was looking for a technical partner that can work fast while keeping the quality at the highest possible level and they trusted this project to our team.


The client wanted to create a complex all-in-one solution that would help construction companies optimize logistics, management, and communication. To meet all these requirements, the platform had to contain numerous features. So we needed to ensure that the usability of the solution remains uncompromised for all categories of users despite the rich functionality.


  • Order management

    Allows users to order all required materials by filling out a simple form; orders are sent to vendors automatically

  • Status tracking

    Lets users monitor order completion right in the system

  • Calendar

    Shows delivery dates for every order; allows users to mark and get reminders about other important events

  • Additional services

    Simplifies the ordering of additional services (e.g. garbage collection) and requesting extra resources

  • Weather forecast

    Helps managers plan works at construction sites considering weather conditions

Scope of work

We joined this project at the very early stage of a product development cycle. The client’s team came to us with a clear vision of the future solution. They also had software requirements specifications prepared by the in-house team. Our task was to help them with analysis, architecture, design, and coding. Our full-cycle development services covered:

  • Baseline evaluation
  • Information architecture
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping


Entity Framework Core


ASP.Net Core 2.2 Web API


Azure CI/CD

Azure DevOps




Angular Materials




Our team developed a reliable web platform for smart resource planning and management at construction sites. We also built a mobile app that is connected to the platform and allows users to complete most tasks on the go. These construction logistics solutions can benefit customers in multiple ways:

  • Enhanced cooperation

    The solution makes cooperation with partners and vendors more effective by automating core processes and reducing the number of phone calls, e-mails, and meetings.

  • Advanced traceability

    The platform allows the company’s managers to check the location of every ordered item at any moment, so it’s easier to manage resources and tasks.

  • Improved productivity

    Construction logistics software speeds up workflows, helping employees work faster and more productively.

  • Reduced costs

    By optimizing resource management, the web system helps construction companies avoid overspending on purchasing unnecessary materials.

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