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Our client is a leading non-asset based logistics company that serves businesses operating in automotive, retail, construction, food, energy, and other sectors. It has an extensive carrier network, moves 60,000+ vehicles and delivers 100,000+ units a month. To maintain the highest possible level of customer service, the client needed robust trucking software that would optimize every stage of the shipment process. In addition, the client’s team wanted to increase the visibility of a supply chain and improve the security of the company’s IT infrastructure.


Before approaching us, the client used a ready-made solution. But it was an all-in-one type of product that offered quite limited functionality for some departments. As a result, instead of streamlining processes, this solution was making day-to-day operations chaotic and hard-to-manage. To develop trucking software that would fully meet the client’s needs, our team had to carry out a comprehensive analysis and dive deep into the routine workflows of the client’s business.


  • Optimized operations
    Solutions built by our team accelerated the core processes in the client’s company, leading to significant cost reduction
  • Advanced security
    By opting for custom development, the client managed to minimize the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks
  • 90%
    Improvement in system security
  • Increased digitalization
    Trucking software helped the client to modernize the entire logistics life-cycle, reducing the need for human intervention into the processes
  • Enhanced transparency
    Web systems and a mobile app that we developed increased transparency of the client’s processes for both: its employees and customers

Scope of work

When the client’s team sent us a request, they had just a raw idea of the future trucking software systems they wanted to build. To complete this project, we provided full-cycle web and mobile development services that included:

Our services

  • Baseline evaluation
  • Information architecture
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • UI design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Quality assurance


healthcare web software


After analyzing the company’s structure and target market, we decided to build separate software solutions for each department. As a result, our team developed three web systems and one mobile app. We also ensured a seamless connection among all these tools, creating a uniform and consistent IT infrastructure for the company.

CRM system

This system was designed to provide a sales team with all the necessary information about the company’s customers and their shipment needs

  • Task automation
    Accelerates processes by automating everyday tasks of the company’s sales department.
  • Customer pipeline
    Lets sales reps move customers through a pipeline, improving the management and quality of services.
  • Order management
    Simplifies order processing and allows for easy calculation of revenue & profits received from every service request.

Mobile app for drivers

This application helps vehicle drivers stay connected with the company’s head office even when they’re on the road

  • Report generation
    Allows drivers to generate reports about every shipment they completed.
  • Digital signature
    Captures electronic signatures, enabling drivers to easily get and submit a proof of delivery.
  • Inspection reports
    Help drivers document vehicle inspections and send reports to the company’s managers.
  • Messages & push notifications
    Allow drivers to timely notify the client’s head office about truck damages, delays, and other incidents.
  • Shipment search
    Gives drivers an opportunity to find available load based on a number of criteria (destination, shipment date, etc.)
  • VIN scanner
    Improves the digitalization of a shipment process by allowing drivers to scan their VINs with a mobile app.
  • Location background tracking
    Tracks the location of a driver’s device even when the app is in the background.
  • Geofence monitoring
    Allows managers to monitor a driver’s proximity to a certain geographical region.

Booking tool

The client built this web tool to help its managers connect with the company’s partners and find carriers all over the world

  • Contact base
    Stores contact details and other essential information about carriers and other client’s business partners.
  • Calendar & booking
    Improves the speed and quality of services by allowing the companies managers to book carriers in just a few clicks.
  • CRM integration
    Connects the system to the company’s CRM, eliminating the risk of human error.

Order fulfillment pricing calculator

This solution was created to let the client determine and offer customers the best possible price for logistics services

  • Price estimation
    Automatically calculates the price for every order based on inserted information about the load.
  • Commission calculation
    Shows the commission earned at every order by every company’s manager.
  • Analytics
    Helps the client analyze the profitability of orders and the company’s performance in general.

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