MYS Mobile GPS Tracker

Mobile GPS Tracking App for better project planning and delivery


Our client is a multi-product IT firm based in London, the UK. They sell corporate software solutions to different businesses operating mainly in the service industry. MYS Mobile GPS Tracker was envisioned as a product for companies having field employees. The idea was to create a user-friendly mobile application that would allow managers to track the GPS location of all team members during their work hours. In addition, the client wanted the app to integrate with its other product, a mid-market ERP system.


The client started the development process with another IT outsourcing company. But after it failed to meet the initial requirements, the client approached us. Although a certain amount of code had been written by the previous team, the quality of the work wasn’t great. To complete the tracker app, we not only had to get a full understanding of the client’s ERP system but also fix bugs in existing code.


  • Employee GPS tracking
    Allows managers to monitor employee location by linking to their GPS-enabled devices (e.g. Android and Apple phones) or in-vehicle solutions
  • Workforce planning
    Helps managers to improve project planning by showing how employees are distributed across remote sites or roads
  • Task assignment
    Lets users assign tasks to team members and monitor their performance by tracking device and vehicle locations
  • Map integration
    Integrated with a map to provide real-time visibility of the company’s fleet and staff
  • Advanced control panel
    Lets users apply filters to track history or live movements of specific employees and vehicles
  • ERP integration
    Integrated with the client’s ERP system to help customers centralize their process management
mobile gps tracker

Scope of work

The client’s previous service provider left the project at the early stage, so we had to review everything they’ve done and finish the rest of the work in short terms. Our full-cycle development services comprised the following phases:

Our services

  • Baseline evaluation
  • Information architecture
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • UI design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Quality assurance
mobile gps tracker


We developed a top-notch mobile tracking app that our client sells to its customers all over the world. The GPS tracker app built by our team goes beyond simple monitoring of employees and can bring the following advantages to businesses:

  • Simplified monitoring of resources
    With employee tracking service, managers can easily track the location of fleet and employees whose jobs require frequent travels or working on remote sites.
  • Efficient project management
    Improved project visibility allows decision-makers to allocate staff and vehicles in the most optimal way while ensuring the high quality of deliverables.
  • Improved collaboration
    With mobile GPS trackers, team members can see exact GPS location of their colleagues on smartphones so they don’t need to waste time calling or messaging them.
  • Compliance with company policies
    The employee tracking apps help to ensure that company policies are followed, personnel adhere to safety rules, and overtimes are properly recorded.

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