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A robust web application for efficient litigation management

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Our client owns a company that provides litigation support services to legal professionals. To help its customers successfully settle disputes, the company collects a vast amount of information and materials. For example, its employees assist in producing transcripts, depositions, and trial presentations. The client approached us with a request to develop a user-friendly web solution that would allow her team to securely deliver these documents to customers. In addition, the new system had to serve as a proceedings repository for customers, giving them 24/7 access to all dispute-related materials.


At first, the client hired another software development firm for this project. But they didn’t meet her expectations so she decided to find a more reliable tech partner. When we picked up the baton, some work had already been completed by the previous team. But it was mainly the low-quality code so we needed to refactor it. We also had to ensure the advanced security of the system since it was planned to store confidential information there.


  • Transcript and exhibit repository

    Lets customers securely store all litigation materials, organize and filter them by the case, deponent or matter number.

  • Online proceedings calendar

    Allows users to improve time management by scheduling  proceedings right in the system.

  • Document sharing

    Lets users send documents and confidential information via an encrypted channel of communication.

  • Mobile access

    Gives users an opportunity to access litigation materials at any time from any corner of the world using a mobile device.

  • Document review & editing

    Allows customers to review and modify documents, look for specific information using search words and highlight important passages.

  • Task management

    Helps users effectively manage their work by showing all due tasks on a personal dashboard.

Scope of work

To create this web-based application as the client envisioned it, our team provided full-cycle development services that comprised the following components:

  • Research
  • Responsive design
  • Refactoring
  • Wireframing & prototyping



Visual Studio






SQL Server




We built robust and maintainable litigation support software that can be easily integrated with other systems used by legal professionals. The application also contains some elements of court reporting software, helping users create accurate transcripts. By developing this solution, our client received the following advantages:

  • Safe delivery of materials

    With this web app, the client’s employees can quickly send documents to customers, being sure that all data is reliably protected.

  • Higher customer satisfaction & profits

    The solution allows the client to offer its customers a unique package of services that greatly enhance their satisfaction and lead to higher profits.

  • Improved cooperation with customers

    Litigation support software creates a perfect platform for effective cooperation between the client’s team and customers, helping both sides achieve better results.

  • Streamlined processes

    The web app lets the client’s team and customers store most materials in the digital format, so finding, reviewing, and modifying them takes much less time.

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