How to Build a Mobile Banking App

Nowadays, fintech solutions are significantly simplifying different spheres of people’s lives. Not long ago, you must have visited a bank branch and wasted a lot of time waiting in the queue to perform typical financial transactions. So, physical visits to traditional banks were necessary to pay bills, transfer money, and deposit your funds.

Software Outsourcing to Ukraine: Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Developers

Advanced tech infrastructure development, many tech universities, and an incredibly active tech community – these factors are the critical ones making Ukraine the most attractive outsourcing destination for international companies. At the same time, Ukrainian software developers are recognized among the world’s best. That proves the high quality of Ukrainian software development services in the […]

What Can You Do with Java: what is it used for?

Java is considered a flexible programming language, but at the same time, it appears incredibly object-oriented, imperative, and robust. That allows Java to remain among the most popular and widely used within the developer community. Besides, the Java programming language can be applied for multiple purposes, which means that it continues to keep strong. Below, […]

How To Manage a Software Development Team

In many cases, managing software development teams is similar to other different types of team management. You do not need to have programming skills to understand how your team members get tasks completed. Also, you may not comprehend various technical aspects of software architecture, but you can know the typical roadblocks, preferred tools, or the […]

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