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We created this special service package because we know what challenges startups face and how to resolve them quickly and cost-effectively. Our dev team consists of skillful programmers who have years of experience in software product development

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Software development services for

Getting a startup off the ground might be quite an intimidating task for beginner entrepreneurs. Having been a tech partner of successful startups for years, we can bring your business idea to life no matter the complexity, constraints, and requirements

Web development

If you’ve decided to grow your startup to a successful business with a web solution, our team can take over the tech part so you can focus on the strategy.

The development process includes building robust app features, utilizing data collection tools, the appropriate data tracking, and collecting feedback. That allows our experts to deliver high-quality software development projects on time.

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Mobile app development

We offer custom mobile app development for startups to help them conquer the market with an awesome application that will attract both investors and users.

If you start a new business, our development team can build an iOS, Android, or cross-platform app that will satisfy your project goals and available budget.

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Quality assurance

Our QA specialists will help you ensure that the final product you’ve built is flawless and ready to delight its users with awesome design and unique functionality.

As your software development partner, Exoft guarantees the appropriate software development monitoring. We test the system, product, and user experience both manually and automatically, which allows for eliminating bugs and providing the correct software performance.

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Full-cycle development

From idea validation to post-release maintenance, we’ll support you at every stage of startup product development so you’ll never be alone with tech challenges

For instance, our Agile development process also covers MVP development. Building a minimum viable product version containing a set of critical functions not only brings value to end-users but also promotes the digital transformation of their business activities.

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Dedicated team

Our team can address all technical issues that will occur after the release. We will also help you scale the product to meet new market demands.

After all, our dedicated developers can ensure successful product delivery of various urgency and help customers solve their critical business problems. At the same time, there is no need for small businesses to hire in-house employees when competent ones in the necessary field fail.

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Tech support

You can hire our dedicated team that will work as your remote development department, assisting your startup on a permanent basis.

Since providing support is crucial when developing software, our team constantly fixes bugs, maintains software updates, and improves user experience.

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Industries we serve in software development for startups

As a software development company for startups, Exoft has partnered with organizations from different industries. But we have the most experience in healthcare and logistics.


At Exoft, our business analysts, data scientists, developers, and project managers do their best to deliver first-class healthcare apps.

Tech trends

  • Software as medical device (SaMD)
  • Telehealth


Exoft offers outstanding custom logistics software development services - our team has deep industry knowledge and a vast portfolio of relevant works. That allows us to deliver your project considering its specific requirements and complexity.

Tech trends

  • Warehouse software management (WMS)
  •  Cloud logistics

Startup product development cycle

We understand the difficulty of building an innovative product from scratch. But our team knows all the ropes and can lead you all the way through the startup software development life cycle.

Step 1

Idea validation

In the first stage, we will evaluate your idea to find out how our team can bring it to life in the best possible way. We’ll also provide you with technical advice. This step is essential since it allows for identifying the potential users, analyzing their critical needs, learning more about key competitors, and considering the current market conditions.

Step 2


In the second stage, we’ll create a UI/UX design to give your idea proper visualization. In addition, our team will create a product prototype. The particular step enables customers to understand the logic of their software product and demonstrates the close functions to the final solution.

Step 3


After the design is ready, we’ll identify the most important product features of your solution and build a minimum viable product. It’ll help you test the main assumptions, bring your product to the market and start getting customer attention.

Step 4

Full-cycle product development

At this startup product development stage, you’ll already have feedback from early adopters. So it’ll be high time to extend the product functionality and build a full-fledged solution.

Technologies we use in software development services

Our software development for startups is based on the following
technologies and programming languages


Using .NET in software development services for startups makes it possible to create high-quality software products. They include mobile apps, web apps, and different desktop platforms. Besides, utilizing the advanced tech stack provides many critical advantages to the PoC development process. With our .NET software development for startups, your company will reach its business goals and ensure constant business growth.

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Our app developers for startups have significant expertise in creating robust Java-based software products. That allows for improving the basic functionality of your solution and the general customer experience. As an experienced provider of Java software development services, including enterprise, desktop, cloud, and web application development, Exoft can create any product depending on your business requirements.

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ReactJS helps create fast-loading software development solutions that meet customer needs and create business value. Regarding startups, software development with ReactJS can cover different requests, ranging from simple applications to large-scale platforms. After all, ReactJS development for startups enables programmers to build highly responsive user interfaces, add new features, and increase performance efficiently.

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Thanks to our Angular software development services, customers obtain highly dynamic web apps creating value for their organizations. Exoft will support you through all stages of the Angular app development, including requirement gathering, automated testing, deploying, and further maintenance. In addition, our developers have strong coding skills, which helps us deliver the best possible solutions following the current tech and industry standards.

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Xamarin development for startups is incredibly beneficial as it allows for building a top-notch application that will run smoothly on different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. At the same time, that provides a native-like user experience. With Exoft’s Xamarin developers, you will reduce development time and costs but not compromise your product’s quality. That makes Xamarin a priority for companies in various industries.

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Startup packages


This package is a perfect fit for startups that have a brilliant product idea but need a technical partner who can cover the coding part

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Development & Design

This package is a perfect fit for startups that have a brilliant product idea but need a technical partner who can cover the coding part

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This package is a perfect fit for startups that have a brilliant product idea but need a technical partner who can cover the coding part

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Why choose Exoft as your startup software development company

Hiring software developers for a startup is an important step. Our team is ready to take responsibility for the product quality and provide you with the full spectrum of software development help.

Deep knowledge of startup culture and challenges

Strong expertise in custom software development for startups

Understanding requests from non-tech people

Fast time to market

Innovation mindset

Reasonable rates

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What our clients say

Learn what customers say about the cooperation with our custom software development company and the results we have delivered

Case studies

When it comes to creating custom software products from scratch, experience matters a lot. Explore our portfolio to view some of the software development life-cycle projects we have successfully completed!

Road Trip Mobile App

We were pleased with the results of our product. Exoft provided quick and efficient workflow, and their precise estimates made us consider them a trusted partner with great experience. They were always responsive, accessible, and friendly.

The client's Product Owner

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Freelance Marketplace Development

The amount of knowledge and expertise Exoft has in freelance marketplace development is impressive. Their team always engaged with us to help refine online platform features to make them the best they can be, going a level deeper than just developing what we request. They were great at meeting all UI/UX and functional requirements for our freelance marketplace, which was very helpful. Exoft is a great, trustworthy, and talented team that goes above and beyond to help deliver freelance market products of great value.

CTO at Eloquenti

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Land Tax Management Software Development

Exoft demonstrates commitment, efficiency, and focus. Their culture is a perfect match for the client, making it feel like they are a real part of the team. They seamlessly communicate and consistently complete projects ahead of deadlines.

The client's Product Owner

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

Related articles

We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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