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Our Expertise in Web Development

From simple corporate platforms to complex enterprise systems, our custom web application development company can handle any web development request and deliver a solution that fully meets your expectations


Web applications

Developing a custom web app is a great idea for any business that wants to stay relevant and competitive. With the help of web technologies, you can automate a lot of routine tasks in your company, increase the quality of services, and make your business more efficient.


Media Websites and Blogs

If ‘packaged’ and marketed right, the distribution of information may generate higher profits than the sale of tangible goods. That is why building media websites and blogs (or tools like a content management system) is a great option for entrepreneurs who treat content as a product and want to join the ever-growing information industry.


CRM & ERP Systems

Web-based business optimization tools allow companies to streamline their core business processes, boost productivity, and cut operational expenses. For this reason, they are must-have progressive web apps for all growth-oriented enterprises.


Third-Party Integrations

Custom web solutions usually bring more value to organizations if they are integrated with other apps that employees already use and love. So it is a nice idea to think about a list of third-party integrations at the beginning of the web app development process. It will make the work of your new software even more beneficial.


Device (Hardware) Integration

If you want to build a solid technological foundation for your business, its software and hardware must interact with each other flawlessly. Professional custom web application development services that include device (hardware) integration will ensure the proper operation of embedded systems and allow you to create a consistent IT infrastructure.

Why choose custom website development

Staying competitive in the modern digital era may become a great challenge for companies of different sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Thus, your business must differentiate from other rivals and attract potential customers by turning creative ideas into robust functions and telling your story appropriately. In such a case, using web development services can allow for:

  • Scaling rapidly thanks to cloud-based solutions
  • Building user-friendly apps with first-class user experience and the potential to integrate chatbot tools
  • Transforming your ideas into digital reality
  • Widening your audience and becoming a well-known name with efficient digital marketing strategies and custom web design features
  • Saving time and money by developing up-to-date cross-platform solutions

Web development solutions across industries

Over the years, Exoft has developed robust web application solutions for many customers representing various domains


We assist healthcare organizations in providing patient-centered care, optimizing clinical workflows, and protecting patient information

Learn more about
Healthcare >


With our web app development services, logistics companies can improve supply chain management activities and increase visibility

Learn more about
Logistics >


Increasing students’ engagement, enhancing internal operations, and encouraging e-learning are just a few pros Exoft brings to education organizations


With well-functioned ERP software, customers can make business processes more effective, increase productivity, and get higher profits

Learn more about


Our team has great knowledge of data-driven energy management systems and how to integrate them correctly with tech advancements like cloud and IoT

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Energy >


Construction companies find it essential to ensure proper project management and financial performance. Here, Exoft’s services may come in handy


Apart from creating e-Commerce solutions, Exoft can develop up-to-date banking and fintech apps that allow clients to improve their customer experience

Our custom web development process

At Exoft, we know that building a custom web application requires more careful planning and execution than adjusting the client’s existing application. Thus, our team closely cooperates with customers to satisfy their industry-specific requirements and transform their visions into reality. That helps us build modern web development products tailored to their needs. Our custom web application development process involves the following steps:

Step 1

Project requirements gathering

Discussing customers’ wants and needs regarding a web application is crucial. So, we take some time to learn more about your industry, business, and objectives for a custom website

Step 2

Design and development

After that, Exoft’s team of designers provides you with a custom website design reflecting your brand identity (that also covers creating a logo design). And our development team transforms the particular design into a solution by coding the website and adding all the necessary features

Step 3

Testing and launch

We use ready-made templates to test your website thoroughly and ensure everything is working correctly. After we get confidence that your web application is ready, we provide its launching and make it accessible to the public

Step 4


Finally, Exoft offers website maintenance packages, which help assure our clients that their solutions are in good hands and supported reliably

The reasons to partner with Exoft

Choosing Exoft as your custom web application development partner is advantageous because of some critical reasons

Skilled and experienced team

Excellent operational performance

Faster time to market

Focus on clients

In-depth domain expertise

360-degree approach to building software

Our services

By delivering end-to-end custom web development services, we can ensure both the best performance of your solution and its enhanced user experience

Front-end development

Building a client-side web solution requires tech skills, creativity, and a deep understanding of users’ needs. Our experience allows us to create stunning interfaces that load fast and look great on all screens

Back-end development

Quality web design and development software solutions must have a reliable ‘backbone’ to function seamlessly. Our web developers can build a stable and powerful server-side for your web solution so it can run fast under any type of user load

Database design

The database structure has a significant impact on the speed, scalability, and overall functioning of web innovative solutions. Our custom website development company has enough expertise to design a subtle database model that will perfectly cater to the needs of your app or website

Technology stack

To develop state-of-the-art web solutions for our clients, we use the most modern and reliable technologies existing on the market





.NET Core








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What our clients say

Learn what customers say about the cooperation with our custom software development company and the results we have delivered

Frequently asked questions


What are web applications?

You should consider a web application a computer program that depends on relevant web browsers and web technology to conduct specific tasks via the Internet. For example, Google Apps and Microsoft 365 are among the most famous web applications.


How much does it cost to build a web application?

The cost necessary for custom website development may vary based on factors such as the solution’s complexity, features, the scope of custom web design services, and functionality. Traditionally, developing a web application requires from $5,000 to over $100,000. If you want to get a more accurate quote for your web app project, please contact our custom website design company.


How long does it take to build and launch a web application?

Since the development process consists of various phases, each of them requires a different time for completion. Thus, the time to create and launch a proper web application may vary from some weeks to months based on the project scope, user flows, and custom website design services.

Case studies

When it comes to creating custom software products from scratch, experience matters a lot. Explore our portfolio to view some of the software development life-cycle projects we have successfully completed!

Construction Logistics Solution

Their technical skills truly outshone the competition. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work has been outstanding.

Product manager at the client’s company

Learn more >

Land Tax Management Software Development

Exoft demonstrates commitment, efficiency, and focus. Their culture is a perfect match for the client, making it feel like they are a real part of the team. They seamlessly communicate and consistently complete projects ahead of deadlines.

The client's Product Owner

Learn more >

WellsUp Oil and Gas Software

Throughout the relationship, Exoft has been an extremely supportive partner. In addition to communicating in a timely manner, the team is proactive and reactive, quickly addressing any issues that arise. Their ability to work with out-of-the-box ideas sets them apart from other vendors

Sami Suheil, COO at WellsUp

Learn more >

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

Related articles

We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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