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We help healthcare organizations and medical institutions maximize clinical productivity by developing and implementing custom EHR and EMR systems

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EHR and EMR software solutions

Our team has successfully completed several healthcare projects. We have enough skills and experience to build a medical software solution that fits your needs best

Electronic health record systems (EHR)

An EHR system is a medical chart in a digital format that contains holistic patient information about his health. Electronic health records usually include patient data, mainly health records from multiple doctors, lab results, medical history, etc.

  • Management of all patient records
  • Charting & e-prescribing
  • Scheduling & billing
  • Management of clinical documents
  • Management of lab & test results
  • Alerts & reminders
  • Administrative tools & reporting
  • Doctor/doctor & doctor/patient communication
  • Template management

Electronic medical record systems (EMR)

An EMR system is a medical chart in a digital format that contains information about a patient’s medical and treatment history within one practice. Usually, electronic medical records are not shared with other doctors or healthcare providers

  • Management of patient records from one doctor
  • Charting & e-prescribing
  • Scheduling & billing
  • Alerts & reminders
  • Lab integration
  • Patient portal
  • Template management
  • Doctor/patient communication

EHR and EMR mobile app development

We develop user-friendly EHR and EMR mobile applications to help doctors and patients stay connected and solve critical issues on the go

Easy access to clinical
data & resources

Quality patient care

Reduced costs

Simplified doctor/patient communication

Remote tracking
of health indicators

appointment scheduling

EMR and EHR implementation services

Besides developing EMR software and EHR systems, our development team provides implementation services. We can support the process of software development solutions’ installation and set up the necessary EHR or EMR integration

Health information
exchanges (HIE)

Allow doctors and nurses to access and securely share the patient’s vital medical data

Communication tools

Offer better opportunities for online collaboration among medical staff

Hospital management systems

Optimize workflows and improve management of core administrative operations

Document management software

Helps hospitals reduce the amount of paperwork by creating and storing documents electronically

Third-party billing services

Streamline invoicing and payment processes, making them convenient for both clinics and patients

Insurance databases

Allow hospitals and clinics to have access to the insurers’ databases and provide better services

Why choose Exoft for EHR and EMR software development

Our EHR/EMR development company takes a holistic approach to creating EMR and EHR solutions so we can become a reliable technical partner for your medical organization

Industry knowledge

Participation in HIPAA-
compliant projects

Client orientation

Strong expertise in medical software development

Wide range of services

Superb price/quality ratio

Benefits of custom EHR and EMR software development

With a reliable EMR/EHR development partner, your healthcare organization can improve doctor-patient communication and streamline clinical workflows. Besides, EHR software development brings many other critical benefits to medical companies

Faster and better decision-making

  • Reduce medical errors
  • Prevent duplicates in medical prescriptions or treatment plans
  • Ensure efficient emergency care
  • Identify symptomatic patterns to improve diagnoses’ accuracy
  • Remote patient monitoring apps

Strengthened medical data management

  • Prevent data breaches or loss
  • Set restrictions for unauthorized users
  • Manage bilateral patient data effectively
  • Ensure correct information input
  • Secure patient data transfers
  • Provide interoperability via all involved departments

Better communication with your patients

  • Providing patients with accurate, up-to-date, and complete data
  • Simplifying appointment scheduling
  • Having round-the-clock access to bilateral patient data and helpdesk from anywhere
  • Using patient engagement and education tools

Cost reduction

  • Automating routine paperwork
  • Improving data safety and accuracy
  • Optimizing billing and claim management
  • Satisfying employees and increasing their retention rates

Our EHR and EMR development process

Exoft, as an experienced healthcare development company, has a vast knowledge of tech solutions required for effective full-cycle EMR software development and EHR integration services. Our skilled EMR/EHR software experts can appropriately deploy an electronic medical record system or EHR software solutions on relevant private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms. Thus, our EHR software development services can ensure the scalability of your EHR platform, secure patient data management, and, in turn, HIPAA compliance. At the same time, our EMR/EHR software development process consists of the following stages:

Step 1


Here, we define all critical requirements regarding your EHR or EMR solution, the necessary tech stack, etc.

Step 2


During this phase, our EMR/EHR software development specialists do these tasks:

  • Map out EHR or EMR system development project and set estimates
  • Create a top-notch custom EMR solution tailored to your specific needs
  • Integrate your current hospital software (like patient portals or remote patient monitoring applications) and medical devices or various third-party tools;
  • Provide all-around quality assurance (QA)
Step 3


We integrate your custom EHR software or an EMR development solution into your hospital ecosystem and perform patient data transfers if needed

Step 4

Support & mainteinance

After deploying, our EHR software development company ensures proper support and maintenance to help your healthcare company improve patient management, boost patient engagement, and increase healthcare quality

Key features of EHR and EMR software

At Exoft, our EHR and EMR software development experts can evolve your current solution or build first-class EHR software from scratch that will contain core functionality and unique extra features

Basic features

  • Cloud-based EHR software
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • UX/UI meets medical professionals’ needs and the usability of EHR/EMR software
  • Traditional features (for clinics, physician practices, etc.) or functions dedicated to a relevant medical specialty (for example, psychiatry or rehabilitation)
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Compatibility with different devices (smartphones, tablets, desktops)

Extra features

  • Voice assistance
  • Assistance in creating medication digital prescriptions
  • Handwriting and image recognition
  • Enhanced clinical decision support (for instance, regarding treatment options or medications)
  • Knowledge base

Integration options

  • Patient portals and other healthcare apps (for appointment scheduling, etc.)
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Telehealth software
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Remote patient monitoring through IoT-enabled medical devices
  • Billing management
  • Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing)
  • Inventory management


  • Financial (related to fraud detection and managing financial risks)
  • Operational (related to optimizing personnel schedules and managing claims)
  • Healthcare analytics (related to laboratory tests, medical history data, images, etc.)
  • Predictive analytics (related to preventing diseases and managing population health)

Technologies we use for EHR and EMR development

To build custom ERM software or a high-quality EHR system, our software developers utilize the following tech stack:






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Frequently asked questions


Can Exoft build HIPAA-compliant EMR/EHR software for my healthcare organization?

Of course, we can. When developing healthcare software solutions for our clients, we always keep regulatory standards in mind. If you run a business in North America, your EHR system’s certification will refer to HIPAA rules. But if you operate in Europe, Exoft’s developers can easily create GDPR-compliant EMR/EHR software.


How much does it cost to develop a custom EMR/EHR software tool?

The cost of developing EMR/EHR systems is always different for each healthcare company and organization since that depends on your unique business needs and budget limits.


When should I implement an EMR/EHR system in my organization?

If you struggle with issues like a gradual increase in workflow, numerous customer complaints, a lot of manual and repetitive work, inability to business expansion, or data loss, you must deploy proper EMR/EHR software to improve the situation.

Our EHR and EMR case studies

When it comes to creating custom healthcare solutions from scratch, experience matters a lot. Explore our portfolio to view some of the EHR/EMR software development projects we have successfully completed!

Medical Information System

Their attention to detail and ability to deliver more than what’s expected of them within our timelines sets them apart. They also take ownership in their work, and always make sure it’s done correctly and on time.

VP of Innovation & Development at the Client's Organization

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Health Metrics

On the design side of things and in general, their coding ability is very high

The client's CEO

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Lab Web Portal

Great understanding. We were on the same page from the very beginning

CMO at medical center

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