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At Exoft, we offer a set of UI/UX Design Services for building effective customer retention strategies and helping companies create true, customer-oriented identities that promote trust, engagement, and excitement

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Our UI and UX Design Services

At Exoft, we help companies build and maintain strong emotional connections with their clients through the engaging, user-friendly design and memorable user experience. Today, emotions and ultra-personalization are key factors to shape consumer behavior, which also promotes us to apply customer-oriented user experience design for building brand loyalty. Thus, the impressive experience and user interface are powerful tools to grow faster than other competitors, improve customer acquisition, and boost conversions.

Mobile app design

Provide immersive user experience and increase the effectiveness of your multi-channel presence thanks to intuitive mobile app design powered by our ui ux design services

Web design

Use our ui/ux services to perform your business operations more efficiently with our adaptive and responsive web design that can fit all device types, requirements, and environments

Graphic design

Stimulate your business growth with Exoft design services to create and outstanding visual identity that will place you ahead of other competitors and make a continuous impact on customers

UI/UX Design Process

No matter if you plan to create new software solutions or rebuild or modernize the current ones, user interface design and user experience design are essential for your customers. Let our design agency with experienced ui/ux designers cooperate with you and provide an exceptional customer experience at all stages of your customer journey.

Step 1

UX Research

To design an appropriate app, our design experts must correctly understand the user portrait, how they will use the software, and what requirements they will intend to satisfy. That is when the user research comes in handy and brings a start to user interface design.

Step 2

UX Strategy

You should consider UX strategy as a thorough plan to detail how your design solutions will work. At Exoft, we create the customer journey map, user flows, and wireframes for visualizing our UX strategy. That allows aligning your product vision with user requirements and the product’s technical features.

  • Customer journey map. We use the customer journey map for outlining numerous points between your user and your product on a customer’s journey that we need to design.
  • User flows. User flows serve as diagrams that represent the path taken by your users when they use your product from the entry point to the last user interaction.
  • Wireframes. Wireframes serve as page layouts. They provide you with a clear idea of the elements on all pages, along with the connections between such elements.
Step 3

User Interview

User interviews are among the key UX research methods that we apply during the concept development process with a goal to inform the relevant web design or mobile app design decisions. Since our design team is located in another country, we always conduct user interviews with the help of video calls.

Step 4

User Testing

Thanks to user testing, we can define where your users become frustrated, confused, or require some reassurance. The appropriate testing process allows analyzing user behaviors and user experiences for revealing real opportunities for your organization. Ultimately, we use the insights obtained through user testing for building a working prototype, which helps us get real feedback regarding user interfaces and user experience ux design from stakeholders and users.

Step 5

Visual Research

The main goal of visual research is informing the user interface design. To shape the user interface design, we analyze your competition, various design styles in your region or country, and across the industry where you operate, and then use all this creative data for making a moodboard.

  • Competitor analysis. We identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps related to information architecture, customer experience, and interaction design of your competitor’s products for providing better design and development.
  • Moodboard. Moodboard serves as a suite of pictures, photos, fonts, or graphics that create a style for your design system.
Step 6

Visual Direction

Our design services involve all the components of the user interface, such as icons, buttons, typography, or color schemes, which allows creating an intuitive user experience. The product’s look and feel, along with its interaction design, will focus on increasing user engagement.

If you have a particular suite of standards for designing your web application, our design team will strictly follow them during the development process. Besides, we can help you create a design system that provides consistent, cohesive visual user experiences through the devices and platforms.

Advantages of UI/UX design

We encourage brands to determine their image by using user interface design services and make a continuous influence that will drive and inspire users with outstanding user experience design services. At the same time, providing an extensive suite of ui and ux design services, Exoft can reduce delivery times significantly. Improve your brand and satisfy the expectations of your target audience with our ux ui design services. The appropriate user experience design services and user interface design services can help you:

  • Avoid the risk related to coding faulty user flows and building excessive features thanks to the efficient validation of ideas and possible solutions without investing too much time and money in design services
  • Satisfy customer requirements with all-encompassing and customer-oriented ui ux design services and user research;
  • Reach the desired audience with effective user satisfaction, loyalty, and retention strategies that depend on customer-oriented ui ux design services
  • Increase the possibility for further product adoption by implementing ui and ux design services to build products and services that fit customers’ needs and preferences
  • Increase customer acquisition rates, along with retention rates, thanks to developing memorable designs with ux ui design services
  • Keep applying timeframes and minimizing the possibility of a budget overrun using relevant time- and budget-friendly strategies supported by ui ux design services

UI/UX Design in different Industries

Almost every industry applies UX/UI design solutions, so we have listed several top trending areas


Big data

Thanks to a good ux and ui design, companies can create simple and efficient dashboards that use data visualization. Thus, ui/ux designers create different visual elements to present information such as graphs, charts, tables, etc.


Government sites

With a better user experience, the government websites can interact with citizens, which helps them engage more and provide valuable feedback.



Having an interactive ux/ui design, manufacturers can manage and integrate all departments and processes on the floor and cut down manufacturing cycle time.


Sales and marketing

The appropriate user interface and user experience allow employees to track their progress, compare their results with colleagues, and get motivation.



A flawless ux/ui design will help companies integrate multiple travel-based service providers, including airlines, hotels, car rentals, and so on.



A good ux and ui design allow customers to appreciate the benefits of e-learning since efficient information sharing is essential for this sector.


Human Resources

Integrating a good ui/ux design into the HR process provides the necessary transparency, which allows employees to obtain a personalized experience and increase motivation.

Why choose Exoft?

Customer-centric approach

We usually pay great attention to the needs and preferences of end-users for providing our clients with an increasing target audience and ROI.

Effective user interaction with app

At Exoft, we design the most efficient information architecture and perform usability testing, which allows for the appropriate user interaction with the software.

Customer support & usability testing

Our experienced design experts make sure that the software performs as expected on various devices. Also, we use a testing process to determine whether the user interface is easy to navigate.

Focus on high-quality solutions

We design high-end solutions and always analyze the opportunities for technical implementation, adaptation, and potential limitations.

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Custom Telemedicine Solution

Exoft adjusted to the customer’s timeline, development cycle, and predefined needs appropriately. Their development team provided significant transparency and maintained open communication. That allowed managing the customer’s expectations successfully and creating the efficient

The customer's Product Owner

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Freelance Marketplace Development

The amount of knowledge and expertise Exoft has in freelance marketplace development is impressive. Their team always engaged with us to help refine online platform features to make them the best they can be, going a level deeper than just developing what we request. They were great at meeting all UI/UX and functional requirements for our freelance marketplace, which was very helpful. Exoft is a great, trustworthy, and talented team that goes above and beyond to help deliver freelance market products of great value.

CTO at Eloquenti

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CRM for Education Industry

So far, it’s been a successful partnership. The Exoft team has been passing deliverables on time and with utmost quality. They’ve mostly impressed us with their quick problem-solving skills, which continue to ensure a delay-free engagement. They are also honest, flexible, and communicative.

The company's Director

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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