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We develop robust healthcare CRM systems to help hospitals and clinics automate workflows, personalize patient experience, and reduce administrative expenses

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Why choose custom CRM for healthcare

By opting for custom medical CRM software, a healthcare organization can decide what features to include in the solution based on its own requirements and goals

Tailored to unique needs

Advanced security of data

High ROI

Flexibility & scalability

Clear UI interface

Seamless integrations

Healthcare CRM solution: features and functions

A healthcare CRM system streamlines routine administrative processes allowing medical staff to put more effort into ensuring quality patient treatment

Patient database

Stores contact details of all patients and contain information about clinical services they’ve requested

Appointment scheduling

Improves patient satisfaction by tracking all appointments and allowing users to schedule a visit online

Notifications & alerts

Helps to reduce the number of no-shows by sending notifications about scheduled appointments to patients

Automatic follow-ups

Allows medical staff to schedule a follow-up email or phone call to remind patients about return visits or checkups

Invoicing & payments

Helps administrative personnel save time by automating and simplifying the invoicing/payment process

Dashboard & reports

Provides hospital and clinical managers with analytical reports and allows them to make data-driven decisions

Build CRM solutions for healthcare with Exoft

Medical organizations operate under strict regulations so the quality of their IT infrastructure cannot be compromised. Our team can develop a healthcare CRM system that meets high industry standards.

Experience in developing
healthcare software
and CRM platforms

Strong industry

High quality of deliverables

Participation in HIPAA-compliant projects

Professional and committed team

Reasonable rates

Our healthcare CRM software development services

Exoft has vast experience in custom CRM software development and a deep understanding of the global healthcare CRM market. Thus, we can build a robust healthcare CRM for your organization depending on your critical business requirements. Meanwhile, our core healthcare CRM software development services include:

Custom CRM development

Our software development team always appreciates customers’ unique approaches to doing business and utilizes the latest tech trends to provide them with high-quality medical CRM systems.

CRM customization

At Exoft, we can enhance and streamline your healthcare CRM system according to your business goals. We use all our significant experience in CRM software development to do that effectively

CRM integrations

If your medical business intends to collect and analyze information, like patient records, from different data sources, Exoft offers CRM integration services that enable you to connect different platforms for better results.

CRM software testing, upgrade & maintenance

AExoft specialists have excellent knowledge of the healthcare CRM market and great experience in testing a CRM system. That allows our team to build robust software development solutions and update them regularly if needed.

Our approach to custom healthcare CRM development

When building healthcare CRM systems, we focus on the following things:

Data security as the core

Exoft performs software development tasks depending on strict NDAs and ensures the appropriate HIPAA-compliant data management

Effective CRM customization

We can provide your healthcare CRM software with specific custom add-ons, along with workflows tailored to your needs

Projects of different complexity

Our team can build various types of software, even for companies that deal with thousands or millions of contacts in their CRM system

Technologies we use for healthcare CRM software development

Our healthcare CRM software development services are based on the following technologies:






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Frequently asked questions


What is healthcare CRM software?

Healthcare CRM software is an advanced tool that allows healthcare organizations to streamline patient management and patient interactions and ensures the appropriate workflow automation. With a custom healthcare CRM, healthcare providers can easily automate different processes, including payment collection, appointment reminders, mail campaigns, dealing with patient data, and providing overall medical services. After all, hospital CRM software promotes excellent patient engagement.


How much time is required to create a custom CRM solution?

The time necessary for building a healthcare CRM software development solution depends on numerous factors and the complexity of your requirements. For example, if healthcare companies intend to develop a medical CRM system with complex features and technical stack, they will need more time compared to building custom healthcare CRM software with typical features. Thus, to get the correct estimate for your CRM software development for healthcare, you should better contact our experts.


What services do you offer for a custom CRM solution?

Exoft offers different healthcare CRM application development services, including expert consultation, building an MVP, web/app development, patient portals development, integration with EHR systems, etc. Also, our healthcare CRM development company can provide medical institutions with the appropriate maintenance, testing, and even a dedicated development team. That allows making your healthcare system a great hit.


What should I consider before implementing a custom CRM solution?

Before opting for healthcare CRM application development services, companies from the healthcare industry should consider the following:

  • Define your goals and expectations related to your future custom healthcare CRM system clearly;
  • Analyze the most popular use cases of healthcare CRM software development solutions;
  • Know the necessary function your healthcare CRM software should provide;
  • Identify the available data sources required by your healthcare CRM development tool to pull the relevant information from.


Do you offer post-launch support?

Of course, our CRM software development services include cost-effective post-launch support to all our customers from the healthcare sector. Thus, our healthcare CRM development services cover data and platform migration, testing, tech updates, adding features, and constant maintenance and support.


Can you give an idea of healthcare CRM software development cost?

Building custom software development solutions requires considering various factors, so healthcare services are no exception. Therefore, when calculating the cost necessary for creating your healthcare CRM development product, you have to analyze many factors. They include features of your future healthcare CRM, tech stack, approaches to developing and testing, design, integrations with electronic health records or a centralized patient database, and many more.

Case studies

When it comes to creating custom software products from scratch, experience matters a lot. Explore our portfolio to view some of the software development life-cycle projects we have successfully completed!

Custom Telemedicine Solution

Exoft adjusted to the customer’s timeline, development cycle, and predefined needs appropriately. Their development team provided significant transparency and maintained open communication. That allowed managing the customer’s expectations successfully and creating the efficient

The customer's Product Owner

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Medical Information System

Their attention to detail and ability to deliver more than what’s expected of them within our timelines sets them apart. They also take ownership in their work, and always make sure it’s done correctly and on time.

VP of Innovation & Development at the Client's Organization

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Lab Web Portal

Great understanding. We were on the same page from the very beginning

CMO at medical center

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