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Flutter app development helps engineers build mobile apps that have high-quality native interfaces by applying a single code base. Thus, Flutter is the priority option for cross-platform app development that allows crafting excellent apps suitable for both iOS and Android platforms.

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As a professional Flutter app development company, Exoft is the first option for numerous top and creative organizations.
Our vast portfolio can speak of the delivered high-quality Flutter app development service.

Why choose Flutter?

Here are the most critical benefits of Flutter compared to native or hybrid app development

Achieving business goals is easier and more effective with a custom web solution. We can build a reliable web app that will function seamlessly, contain all the required product features,  and provide a delightful user experience.

Since your Flutter developers spend less time coding, the app development process can focus on various functionalities instead of replicating the code on another platform. Thus, thanks to the Flutter app development, your company will reduce its time-to-market

Flutter Android app development and Flutter iOS app development solutions do not need a bridge for communicating with the underlying operating system. Therefore, a Flutter app performs better compared to native app development products. 

The Flutter app development process provides customizable widgets, which allows Flutter developers to make an agile and flexible UI. The key feature of the Flutter app development is the real-time UI iteration. This feature helps enable great design capacities in a Flutter app

Thanks to the Hot Reload feature, app developers may quickly notice the changes in their code on a relevant simulator in real-time. That allows saving a daily overhead when creating a Flutter app and boosts productivity.

The Flutter app development uses its rendering engine that makes a Flutter app more competitive compared to the ones built with other cross-platform technologies. Therefore, Flutter can work efficiently with different older versions of iOS and Android.

The Flutter web app development enables app developers to provide web browsers with the necessary Flutter app code. Exoft, as a Flutter app development company, can package your current mobile app into PWA, which allows deploying a relevant Flutter app with no need to rewrite it.

Flutter development services for Desktop allow compiling your Flutter app code to native macOS or Windows desktop app development solutions. After building customized Flutter plugins, your app Flutter app products will work smoothly on your desktop.

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Exoft offers outstanding Flutter mobile app development services. That helps develop flexible and expressive mobile web and desktop apps, along with Android and iOS apps. Our Flutter app developers can write a single codebase, which allows compiling it into the relevant Android and iOS applications for native devices

Our services

At Exoft, the leading Flutter mobile app development company, we can build an efficient Flutter app solution that will work appropriately across platforms. Thus, we offer various Flutter app development services for catering to the diverse needs of our clients and building cross-platform app development products. Such Flutter app solutions will deliver native performance through the necessary devices or operating systems. After all, as a Flutter app development company, we offer the following end-to-end app development services:

Cross-platform application development

Our mobile app development company makes cross-platform app development easier and more cost-effective using Flutter. Hire Flutter app developers from Exoft for unique and responsive app development

Flutter iOS app development

With our Flutter app development services, you can develop iOS applications much quicker. Work with professional Flutter app development experts to obtain a high-quality Flutter app that performs smoothly

Flutter Android app development

At Exoft, we offer significant app development services that result in creating an efficient Flutter app delivering consistency between different platforms

Flutter chat app development

As an app development company, Exoft can build Flutter chat apps that allow sending and receiving messages in real-time. These chat apps may support images, files, etc. That leverages the key features of Flutter app development services

Dart app development

Move your app development solutions from existing tech stacks to Flutter using our Flutter app development services. Enjoy multiple benefits from working with experienced Flutter app engineers

Flutter migration and up-gradation

If you plan for migration from/to Flutter or need to upgrade a Flutter app to the newest version, our app development services can help you significantly. Keep your Flutter app development products up to date

Flutter QA and testing

As an app development company, Exoft ensures the complete accuracy of the particular Flutter app. From developing to deploying, our Flutter app development experts ensure the high-quality of your Flutter app

Flutter security and compliance

At Exoft, we provide the appropriate security and compliance of each Flutter app. Our Flutter app development services involve using Dart’s crypto and encrypting libraries for ensuring information security and avoiding breaches

Flutter consulting services

Rely on app development services from Exoft to obtain a professional app development consultation or solutions. That helps understand better the nature of Flutter app development and other critical aspects related to cross-platform app development

Flutter support and maintenance

Our Flutter app development services mean delivering unforgettable experiences. Thus, we care about your Flutter app even after deploying it. For instance, our app development services include checking app performance and security

Flutter for desktop development

Use our Flutter app development services to build a well-performed Flutter app for the desktop. Regardless of the platform, we can create high-quality and fast app development solutions that will work seamlessly

Flutter for web development

Exoft provides excellent app development services that help develop apps for the web in a quicker and more hassle-free manner. That allows delivering a remarkable user experience

Frequently asked questions

Flutter depends on the programming language called Dart. This open-source, cross-platform app development framework was built and launched by Google. It allows creating both Android and iOS apps using a single code base. Thus, the Flutter app development framework helps craft native, performant mobile apps.

The appropriate cost estimation of Flutter mobile app development relies on some critical factors, including the complexity of features, design, maintenance, support, potential integrations, etc. But generally, Flutter mobile application development will cost about half the price of native app development that includes basic features. Therefore, developing cross-platform apps is much more cost-efficient compared to native app development

In addition, Flutter development solutions typically require less maintenance and support. That allows maintaining your business Flutter apps with minimal costs. After all, Flutter mobile app development can reduce the app development and further maintenance expenses to 60% in your organization.

Of course, your company can migrate its current mobile apps to the Flutter platform, and you need to make no amendments to them. Thus, you may convert your native apps into Flutter apps thanks to integrating the Flutter framework as a module or a library. The following use-cases demonstrate when you have to convert your existing native apps into Flutter:

  • If you completely redesign your current application in Android and iOS
  • If you completely release an app development update because of technical issues;
  • If you add new features to your native app development solutions for making them fully functional. 

After converting your legacy apps into Flutter apps, their look and feel will not change. Also, your organization will obtain significant advantages of true cross-platform app development. However, the major agenda to migrate mobile app development products to the Flutter framework is creating feature-rich multi-platform applications. That allows staying competitive in the modern market. 

Thanks to Flutter mobile app development, your organization can create multi-platform applications using a single codebase. This app development framework allows creating custom Flutter apps on the following simultaneously: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux. 

Therefore, Flutter apps development helps build cross-platform apps that are incredibly attractive and interactive. In other words, using Flutter enables companies to develop feature-rich applications of different genres, including gaming or on-demand apps. That encourages multiple brands to choose Flutter as the app development framework. Here are the most popular applications built with Flutter: Google Ads, Reflectly, MyBMW, Hamilton.

Both React Native and Flutter app development have their advantages and disadvantages. But Flutter is the winner thanks to valuable benefits such as better performance, rich widgets, and more. Besides, many industry experts consider the Flutter app development process the future of mobile app development.