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A stunning application for more organized and memorable trips


Our client is an ambitious travel startup. Its founders wanted to make the life of travelers easier by giving them an opportunity to keep all trip-related information in one place. The aim was to go beyond a standard travel planner app. An envisioned mobile application had to provide users with a unique space where they can store details about past and current trips as well as jot down the ideas for future journeys. To bring this product to life, the client’s team needed a reliable tech partner that can provide top-notch travel mobile app development services. They chose us for this role.


The client’s team wanted to create complex screens filled with various types of content. To avoid compromises on the app usability, we developed a form builder that helps to create screens depending on the information being displayed on them. In addition, this travel mobile app was planned to contain a lot of images. So our programmers had to ensure that its performance remains at the high level despite heavy design elements that may decrease it.


  • Trip-related content
    Allows users to store information about their routes, tickets, and bookings
  • Messenger
    Lets co-travelers chat with each other right in the app
  • Calendar
    Helps travelers keep all travel plans organized in one place
  • Mapping
    Allows users to build routes and find locations while traveling
  • Social login
    Simplifies user access to the app by allowing them to log in with existing social media accounts
travel mobile app

Scope of work

When the client’s team sent us a request for travel app development, they already had a design created by UI/UX professionals. Our task was to build the actual product and provide it with post-release support. Our services included:

Our services


advertising platform


We developed a cross-platform travel mobile app that was published on the App Store and Google Play Store. The application helps users manage their trips and brings a lot of other benefits:

  • Delightful travel experience
    With the app, users can focus on receiving pleasant travel experiences instead of worrying about planning details.
  • No lost tickets & bookings
    The app helps travelers stay organized and never lose important stuff with the minimum amount of effort.
  • Saved memories
    By saving all information in one place, this travel mobile app allows users to make every aspect of a trip memorable.
  • Personal travel guide
    By reviewing essential information about past journeys in the app, travelers can better organize their future trips.

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