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What is Logistics Software Development?

In the modern highly competitive market, the transportation and logistics sector serves as an integral component of all industries. Organizations should perform logistics operations keeping in mind the evolving customer requirements and business challenges. However, the appropriate software solutions can enable transportation companies to keep pace effectively.

Exoft, as a leading logistics software development agency, can provide your business with a comprehensive, end-to-end transportation solution. Such apps allow for reducing operations difficulties and simplifying your supply chain management by automating and streamlining processes. For instance, logistics software development services from Exoft deal with order management systems, real-time fleet management, inventory management, warehouse management, financial processes, and even demand forecasting.

Thus, our custom logistics software development solutions help logistics and transportation companies unlock their full potential and achieve even the most ambitious business goals.

Our logistics software development services

At Exoft, we offer the following logistics software development services to our customers:


Logistics and transportation management tools

Exoft developers can build robust transportation software and apps for real-time data sharing, interaction, customized reports, etc. Our logistics software solutions are web and mobile apps, and all of them are famous for their user-friendliness.


Warehouse management systems

As a well-known logistics software development company, Exoft can create top-notch warehouse management software and integrate artificial intelligence into it. Such logistics software allows transportation companies to ensure better inventory management and enhance transparency.


Logistics information exchange software

Software engineers from Exoft can build effective transportation software focused on data exchange. At the same time, we can benefit from applying new technologies like blockchain that provide sufficient transparency and security. That is especially critical for financial ecosystems where information is constantly transferred throughout the network.


Reports and business intelligence (BI) bots

Exoft as a software development company can utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to build boots, provide reporting options, and ensure effective financial processes. Such bots help reduce labor-intensive operations, boost employee productivity, and ensure improved customer service.


Demand forecasting apps

Our team can develop user-friendly demand forecasting apps also using AI & ML tools. That allows transportation companies to utilize logistics software to plan orders each month, learn more about seasonal business trends, and reorder the required inventory.


Logistics route optimization

Being a software development company dealing with the logistics industry, Exoft can help customers build logistics management software that will calculate the time necessary for delivery shipments. At the same time, AI-enabled tools can ensure the optimization of the logistic route for all delivery vehicles. That allows for optimizing the entire fleet management.


Inventory management apps

Smart inventory management apps are among the most popular solutions our logistics software development services offer. They help businesses track and monitor inventory in real-time automatically.

What you get

The modern logistics industry is a field of fierce competition. A tailor-made software solution will make your business stand out so it can confidently win the market

Lower operational costs

Boost in performance

Reduced delivery time

Effective route

Supply chain accuracy
and visibility

Enhanced customer

Descriptive and
predictive analytics

Improved asset & fleet

Key expertise in custom logistics software development

Our team provides high-quality custom logistics software development services. We have deep industry knowledge which allows us to take a holistic approach to every project regardless of its specifics and complexity.

CRM systems for logistics

The amount of profits received by a logistics company greatly depends on the quality of customer service. We have vast experience in custom CRM development and can create a feature-rich system that will help your business manage its connections more effectively.

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CRM systems for logistics >

Freight forwarding

Effective freight management is impossible without automation and synchronization of all key processes. Our team has vast experience in providing logistic software development services. So we can guide your company through the digital transformation process.

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Freight forwarding >

Retail logistics

Online shopping is thriving, and buyers’ expectations regarding the speed of delivery are constantly growing. To help you handle all the market requirements, we can develop a logistics software solution aimed at accelerating the supply chain management process and improving its quality.

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Retail logistics >

Warehouse management

Warehouse workflows are at the core of many logistics services. We have enough expertise in logistics software development to build a fully-functional warehouse management system that will allow you to streamline the processes and optimize the storage space.

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Warehouse management >

Workforce management

The modern supply chain process requires the involvement of many people. Our team can build a top-notch logistics management solution that will automate repetitive tasks, increase employee productivity and improve their working conditions.

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Workforce management >

ERP systems

ERP systems help enterprises gain a comprehensive view of all core workflows across different departments. Our team can build a reliable ERP solution for your company that will cover its main business processes and allows you to leverage data in a smarter way.

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ERP systems >

Basic features of logistics software

Our skilled programmers can create a state-of-the-art software solution that will meet the most rigorous tech requirements

Optimized route creation

Delivery alerts & notifications

Document generation & reporting

Information security and data protection

GPS tracking of packages and vehicles

Order processing & rate calculation

Integration with ERP, CRM, etc.

Advanced analytical tools

Why Choose Exoft as a Logistics Software Development Company

You should choose Exoft as a logistics software development company to build your transportation management software for the following critical reasons:


Emphasis on a long-term partnership

Exoft has a great interest in improving the tech capabilities and skills of its dedicated development team and customers from the transportation industry. That is because we consider synergy a key factor driving successful cooperation between partners, which relies on mutual trust and full transparency during the transportation software development process. By satisfying customer demand and understanding its goals, our development team can exceed previous expectations and ensure a long-term partnership.


Industry-specific expertise

As your technology partner, Exoft always demonstrates its niche industry expertise. Thus, the development services we provide to logistics companies allow them to remain efficient and competitive. Our custom solutions for logistics and transportation promote industry best practices and serve as a helpful tool for maintaining a robust transportation management framework and enhancing customer experience.


Focus on the customer

With Exoft as a logistics software development company, clients get a personalized approach, which allows for addressing challenges related to transportation management. To build high-quality logistics software development solutions, our experts study your business requirements and your target audience. That helps create specific service models assisting your organization at particular stages of your tech journey.


Appropriate organization and delivery management

Every day, we intend to make our software development company stronger and much more effective. Therefore, we provide our management software developers, project managers, and tech specialists with clear roles and responsibilities. Our objective is to bring the latest technology like artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) and all the required tools necessary for strong communication with customers. Besides, we always provide transparency and visibility when it comes to risk management and tracking transportation software development project progress.


Private data protection

As a reliable logistics software development company, Exoft always ensures that your intellectual property and personal information are secured and protected due to specific compliance standards. When building transportation management software, our team follows all the necessary policies and signs strict NDAs to eliminate potential data leaks. Also, our logistics software development covers security best practices.

Technologies we use for logistics software development

Our logistics and transportation software development services depend on the following technology stack:






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What our clients say

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Case studies

When it comes to creating custom software products from scratch, experience matters a lot. Explore our portfolio to view some of the software development life-cycle projects we have successfully completed!

Construction Logistics Solution

Their technical skills truly outshone the competition. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work has been outstanding.

Product manager at the client’s company

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Quarry Automation Platform

Exoft has handled all the tasks I’ve given them very well. They were willing to work longer hours when we needed something urgently. They’re always thinking about how our projects can be improved, and they always perform research before executing a task.

The client's Product Owner

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Electric Vehicle Charging Software

Company provided services as requested! We did not have to use resources to recruit or administer for these roles

Head of Engineering at the client's company

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