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What is the LIMS system?

A LIMS (also known as the laboratory information management system) serves as a type of software developed to enhance laboratory processes and increase operational efficiency. It keeps track of data related to samples, experiments, lab workflows, and lab instruments. So, robust laboratory information management system software is considered an extra member of your team that automates workflows and tracks all the critical information, workflows, and testing results your laboratory generates daily.

In addition, up-to-date LIMS software solutions have transformed from tracking systems depending on samples into the lab’s digital backbone. Such a tool allows for managing productivity and costs effectively. But with an appropriate laboratory management system, you can get much more than simply keeping track of lab test results. After all, high-quality custom LIMS software enables you to take full control over your laboratory equipment maintenance, employees, and consumables.

Our laboratory information management
system software solutions

Exoft software developers can build state-of-the-art lab information management systems depending on your business
requirements. The solutions we can create are the following:

Storage management

We can develop a lab management system that serves more than just your electronic lab notebook. By providing advanced sample storage and location management functions, we help your organization to define your laboratory’s storage framework.

Inventory management

Exoft can develop a LIMS module focused on inventory management that allows for tracking the reagent consumption you use in a protocol. Thus, your lab information management system will track lot numbers, expiration dates, and stock and control the quantity of inventory you order, receive, and consume. With our custom LIMS development solutions, you will organize your inventory efficiently.

Protocol execution

Our team can design LIMS software development solutions that will support numerous procedures performed by your lab. That covers not only tests, protocols, or workflows, but also standard operating procedures (SOPs) including some steps and complex protocols capturing large volumes of laboratory data.

Features of laboratory information management systems

Every laboratory faces unique challenges. By opting for custom LIMS system development, an organization can define the type of software and functionality that fits its needs best

Laboratory information system (LIS)

LIS is the basic lab software used to store patient data and manage clinical test results (e.g. laboratory information on blood tests of individual patients)

  • Order management
  • Storage of patient data
  • Sample management
  • Tracking clinical test results
  • EMR/EHR integration
  • Billing & payments

Laboratory management system (LMS)

LMS is comprehensive lab software used to optimize core lab operations and process large batches of sample data (e.g. for clinical research or drug trials)

  • Sample management
  • Workflow management
  • Record keeping
  • Inventory management
  • Data sharing
  • Billing & payments
  • Analytics & reporting

Benefits of LIMS software

The decision to build a LIMS software solution can transform any laboratory and bring it numerous benefits


LIMS solutions allow lab staff to improve lab information management and get rid of routine tasks, which leads to accelerated workflows and increased productivity


By automating main processes, a laboratory information management system practically eliminates the risk of human errors and enhances the accuracy of lab data

Higher profits

LIMS systems help laboratories process more samples in a shorter period of time, allowing them to receive higher profits


LIMS software enables the automatic entering of valuable sample-related data. That covers the sample source, along with the relevant date, time, and location of the collected data

Compliance with regulations

With LIMS, you can maintain a read-only audit trail necessary for complying with regulatory standards. It automatically records each lab activity using particular date and time stamps

Fast deployment

Cloud-based LIMS tools eliminate the need to buy and install costly software or spend money on necessary hardware infrastructure. That helps reduce the deployment time and enables labs to start their operations quickly

Build lab management software
with Exoft

We understand that laboratory operations are related to a great level of responsibility. Our team can develop LIMS software
that will satisfy even the strictest quality requirements

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Our Approach to LIMS Software

Exoft always ensures regulatory compliance of LIMS development solutions with HIPAA providing the appropriate connectivity, information security, and scalability. We can build a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that is:


Our software engineers can provide you with automated processes and reporting and apply user-defined rules promoting accuracy


You can configure personalized shortcuts using an innovative, easy-to-use interface.


Your laboratory information management system can integrate with electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical records (EMRs), billing tools, and many more


Since your business and laboratory requirements will grow, you can add necessary interfaces and other critical options to your LIMS software development solution

Technologies we use

Our LIMS software development services depend on the following technology stack:






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Frequently asked questions


What is a LIMS?

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) enables your organization to maintain the effective management of samples and related data flow. In turn, that helps enhance your lab efficiency and instrument management in particular. The core functionality of LIMS includes standardizing workflows, tests, and procedures, along with providing accurate control over the process.

Besides, LIMS implementation can involve the integration of your instruments to automate data management (e.g. collecting and testing) and ensure that they are properly utilized by trained personnel only. After all, audit and revision are among the major laboratory management functions in LIMS software that make it so popular and provoke organizations to become paperless.


What are the key factors when evaluating LIMS solutions?

You can develop LIMS solutions in-house to replace your legacy software or purchase the already existing commercial ones. We recommend your organization build a tool depending on your core tasks and processes instead of spending a lot of costs on creating a LIMS you cannot further maintain.

Of course, all LIMS solutions are different. Thus, choosing the right system will influence your effectiveness, reliability, and work validity. An appropriate lab information management system has to:

  • Be straightforward when it comes to configurations. That allows for meeting individual client expectations and adopting to continuously evolving lab requirements;
  • Ensure the efficient management of the sample’s life;
  • Offer user-friendly interfaces that provide role-based access control over sampling, testing, and managing data points;
  • Be flexible regarding third-party integrations.


What are the benefits and advantages of LIMS?

Using a laboratory information management system typically benefits organizations in three critical ways:

  • Accuracy - labs gain an opportunity to produce more accurate test results;
  • Efficiency - LIMS software allows for automating and speeding up laborious tasks;
  • Better management - with LIMS, storing and retrieving results becomes faster.


Who uses LIMS software?

LIMS is traditionally utilized by laboratory employees and other support personnel of various disciplines. Although each lab can obtain significant advantages from LIMS functionality, the software is widely used in healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, environment monitoring, manufacturing operations, QA labs, etc.


What is the difference between LIMS, LIS, and ELN?

Laboratory information management system software allows for tracking sample data via the sample lifecycle. It also helps schedule tests, monitor instrument calibration, control predictive maintenance, and manage inventory.

An electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) is a well-known product of lab digital transformation that enables effective team collaboration by storing searchable notes online. Meanwhile, a laboratory information system (LIS) is traditionally utilized in clinical environments for dealing with patient records and as a chain-of-custody requirement related to biobanking and forensic lab needs.

Laboratory information management
systems case studies

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On the design side of things and in general, their coding ability is very high

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