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A high-end LIMS solution for pharmaceutical laboratories


Our client is a European pharmaceutical company that has several lab departments. To optimize a drug manufacturing process and minimize the risk of human error, they needed reliable LIMS software. Since all laboratories have unique needs and workflows, purchasing an off-the-shelf system wasn’t an option. The company’s CTO sent us a request, asking to develop a custom pharmaceutical software solution that would help lab departments effectively manage their routine operations. The main requirement was to make a LIMS system easy-to-use for end-users while including in it all necessary features.


The pharmaceutical industry is subject to numerous regulations. Our team had to create lab management software that would perform necessary functions and meet mandatory legal requirements. Also, we had to thoroughly study the employees’ day-to-day tasks to develop pharmaceutical software that is both simple and efficient.


  • Formula templates
    Allows users to create flexible and editable templates for easier formula compounding
  • Formula usage tracking
    Monitors in what combinations and how often each formula is used in the laboratory
  • Component database
    Contains names, description, and categories of all components that laboratories use in formulas
  • Inventory control
    Tracks how many components are left in stock and what needs to be ordered
  • Ordering support
    Automates the process of component ordering by allowing users to use pre-filled forms
  • Reporting system
    Lets users generate reports in a few clicks based on customizable criteria

Scope of work

The client came to us with a list of routine operations of the companies laboratories. We did market research, build a user journey for each category of potential end-users, and built a pharmaceutical solution from scratch. The LIMS software development services provided by our team covered the following elements:

Our services


  • C#
  • WPF
  • Entity Framework
  • Prism
  • Telerik Components


We developed a robust web solution explicitly tailored to the specific processes of the client’s pharma laboratories. It helped the lab departments work more productively and get a number of other benefits, such as:

  • Streamlined processes
    The pharmaceutical software allows laboratories to standardize technical tasks and create reusable formula templates.
  • Accurate compounding
    The automation of a drug manufacturing process helps lab departments avoid inaccuracies in formula dispensing and dosage calculations.
  • Better management
    The LIMS solution tracks the flow of components in the laboratory, helping lab managers ensure that the right amount of components is always available.
  • Advanced analytics
    The LIMS solution gathers and processes a vast amount of data. This feature lets lab employees monitor the frequency of use and other important metrics for each formula.

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