Xamarin App Development Services

We provide professional Xamarin app development services. Our team can build a Xamarin-based application that will run seamlessly on Android, iOS, and Windows devices and deliver a native-like user experience

Our Xamarin development expertise

Our team has enough skills and experience in Xamarin app development to cover a wide array of client requests. No matter if you need an enterprise or customer mobile solution, rich functionality or simple feature set, we’ll ensure that all requirements are met. The list of our Xamarin mobile application development services include:

Xamarin.Forms is a UI framework that allows programmers to build a mobile app for multiple platforms while sharing up to 90% of a codebase. It is a great option for businesses that need relatively simple applications with more or less standard functionality and want to reduce development time and/or costs.

These services cover Xamarin Android app development (with Xamarin.Android) and Xamarin iOS app development (with Xamarin.iOS). They offer much higher flexibility than Xamarin.Forms, allowing developers to add more custom features and unique design elements.

If you already have an iOS or Android app, you can opt for this type of Xamarin application development services to create a mobile solution for the other platform. It’ll help you expand the app reach, grow the user base, and, ultimately, increase revenue.

As a Xamarin app development company, we provide consultancy services to help businesses execute their mobile strategies. We also build high-fidelity prototypes using Xamarin. Such prototypes allow companies to collect user feedback before they invest.

If you need to fix some glitches in your Xamarin application or upgrade it with new features, our team can cover these tasks for you, too. Our skillful Xamarin developers can handle any challenges related to the post-realize app support and ensure that it functions flawlessly.

Benefits of Xamarin cross-platform development

Xamarin has already become a top choice for businesses in different industries, and for a good reason. Here are the key benefits Xamarin mobile app development brings to the table:

Shareable code

Xamarin is based on the write-once-use-everywhere approach, meaning that it allows programmers to reuse a significant portion of a codebase when building apps for different platforms. This speeds up a development process and logically leads to lower project costs.

Near-native performance

Although Xamarin is a technology for cross-platform development, it enables the near-native performance of mobile solutions. So, basically, you kill two birds with one stone with no compromises on the app’s quality or performance parameters.

Native user experience

Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android allow developers to produce a native UI on top of a shared C# backend. So, Xamarin-based applications look and feel precisely like native products for users.

Simplified maintenance

To update a Xamarin app, programmers just need to make changes to a source code. This simplifies maintenance and makes it much cheaper. To compare, if you want to do the same with native apps, a development team will have to duplicate all changes for each platform.

Strong Microsoft support

Since Xamarin is supported by the Microsoft corporation, it guarantees stability and reliability. Like other Microsoft technologies, Xamarin is always timely updated, and if any issues arise, they are quickly resolved.

Single technological stack

All Xamarin applications are based on a single programming language, i.e., C#. For you as a client, it means that finding developers and communicating with them will be much easier. In some cases, even one person will be able to cover the entire scope of work.

Why choose Exoft for your Xamarin app development project

As a Xamarin application development company, we know how to use the potential of this technology to its fullest. Here are the main reasons to choose our team for your project:

Extended experience in Xamarin development

Deep expertise in C#, Java, and other technologies

A proven record of successful Xamarin projects

Client-centric approach

Well-established transparent processes

Reasonable rates

Frequently Asked Questions

Xamarin is a one-stop-shop framework for mobile app development. It’s used for creating
cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, and Microsoft devices.

If you choose Xamarin for your mobile development project, you’ll get a high-performance app that runs on multiple platforms while feeling and behaving like a native solution. Also, you’ll be able to reduce development time and costs with no compromises on the app’s quality. See a more detailed explanation of Xamarin benefits above on this page.

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