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We develop custom human resources software systems helping organizations of different sizes automate HRM workflows and manage HR processes more effectively

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Benefits of HR software development

With bespoke human resource software, organizations can streamline routine processes, take better care of employees and prospective candidates, and manage HR teams efficiently. Thus, our HR software development services and relevant HR solutions bring numerous advantages to a business

Strong employer brand

With HR technology, companies can attract the most skillful talents and increase employee engagement

Easy management of employees’ efficiency

An efficient HR platform allows businesses to monitor employee performance and provide data collection. Also, thanks to our HR software development services, clients can make data-driven decisions

Wide opportunities for growing talent pool

HR professionals can create a solid ground for employees’ professional growth and development. Our HR software development tools are also attractive when hiring new employees

Improved productivity of the HR department

Using a proper HR software solution helps HR experts work more effectively. That is because the products of our HR software development services can automate routine processes

Enhanced employee satisfaction

A robust human resource management system allows companies to organize comfortable working conditions. Therefore, every employee will feel valued and important because of our HR software development services

High employee retention rate

HR management software helps businesses to build a committed team, reduce employee turnover, and improve talent retention

Custom HRIS and HRMS solutions

We have successfully completed a number of HR software development projects. Our team can create top-notch HR software solutions that will cater to the needs of your company, assist you in business administration, and ensure efficient employee management

HR information system (HRIS)

HRIS software development solution is the one that consists of an employee database and functionality that is built around it. The core functions offered by HRIS software are: The core functions offered by HRIS software are:

  • Recruiting tools
  • Personnel tracking
  • Time & attendance
  • Payroll
  • Benefits administration

HR management system (HRMS)

HRMS software development solution is the comprehensive one that covers all features provided by human resources information systems. But at the same time, it brings other functional requirements, including applicant tracking systems, tax information, and analytical capabilities.Thus, Exoft as an HR software development company, can build a HRMS that will contain:

  • All HRIS features
  • Performance management
  • Onboarding
  • Position control
  • Compensation management
  • HR analytics

Why build HR software systems with Exoft

Having a decent HRM software development tool is a must for every modern organization. Exoft team possesses enough professional skills to build a reliable human resource management system. Thus, by using our high-quality HR software development services, you will obtain the required tool of any type and complexity

Results orientation

No negative client reviews

Committed team members

Experience in HR software development (both stand-alone and embedded)

Experience in integration of third-party HR systems

Clean code & high quality of deliverables

Pricing models for HR system development

When it comes to available pricing models, our software development company offers the following options:

Capped time and material

The relevant model is advantageous for agile iterative HR software development. It allows for reacting to user feedback and implementing changing requirements quickly

Fixed price

This option is perfect for well-defined and stable projects. In terms of using HR software development services, a fixed-price model makes it possible to reduce risk. We can achieve that by dividing your human resources management software projects into relevant phases and estimating them separately

Fixed monthly fee

You can select this model for mature HR software solutions in the support mode

Technologies we use to build HR software

Our HR software development services involve using the following technology stack:






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What our clients say

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Frequently asked questions


What are the main types of HR software solutions?

As an experienced HR software development company, Exoft can build the main types of HR management software - HRIS and HRMS. For instance, HRIS software solutions allow for managing and storing data about employees appropriately. Meanwhile, HRMS tools often cover HRIS and HCM (human capital management) features to help HR departments with time management and employee self-service.


What should be included in HR software?

Our development company can create software solutions for HR services that will include these modules:

  • Recruitment process
  • Onboarding
  • Portal for employees
  • Time tracking
  • Payrolls
  • Sick leaves and vacations management
  • Performance review
  • Benefits management
  • Information management


How much does HR software development cost?

If you want to opt for HR software development services and build robust software solutions with unique features, you will likely pay about $100,000 based on the complexity your HR personnel requires.


What does HR software do?

The key function of each HR software development product is to automate core HR processes, including the hiring process, corporate learning, payroll, and many more.


How long does it take to build an HR software development solution?

Of course, the time to create HR software solutions depends on your project requirements and the complexity of our HR software development services.


What technologies do you use for HR systems development?

As a reliable software development company, Exoft utilizes a different tech stack. For example, our HR software development services depend on .NET and Java as back-end programming languages; Angular and ReactJs as front-end ones; and Android, iOS, and Xamarin as mobile technologies.

Case studies

When it comes to creating custom HR software development software from scratch, experience matters a lot. Explore our portfolio to view some of the HR software development projects we have successfully completed!

Quarry Automation Platform

Exoft has handled all the tasks I’ve given them very well. They were willing to work longer hours when we needed something urgently. They’re always thinking about how our projects can be improved, and they always perform research before executing a task.

The client's Product Owner

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Electric Vehicle Charging Software

Company provided services as requested! We did not have to use resources to recruit or administer for these roles

Head of Engineering at the client's company

Learn more >

Construction Logistics Solution

Their technical skills truly outshone the competition. Their commitment to delivering high-quality work has been outstanding.

Product manager at the client’s company

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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