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Our client owns a mid-size consulting business. Before approaching us, his company had been using Excel spreadsheets to manage tasks, track time, and bill customers. But as the number of projects had grown, manual data entry started to take too much time. Tracking and billing errors became a common thing as well, causing several major conflicts with customers. Having decided to change the situation, the client came to us with a request to build a time tracker tailored specifically to the needs of his business.


The client opted for custom web development because he wanted to create a complex system that would support different workflows in his company. The idea was to develop a solution that would contain not only typical features of an employee time tracking app but also some functionality from attendance software and project management software.


  • Time tracking & logging
    Allows users to track work hours, log time entries, and assign them to certain projects.
  • Setting deadlines
    Gives managers an opportunity to set and reset deadlines for specific tasks and projects.
  • Customer base
    Lets users create customer profiles to track work hours spent working on their projects.
  • Project & task management
    Helps the company’s managers administer different projects and assign tasks to employees.
  • Marks and notes
    Allows users to mark time entries as billable or non-billable, add tags and notes.
  • Management of time records
    Lets users add, edit, delete and log time entries for themselves or teammates.
  • Admin panel
    Includes such admin rights as adding or deleting users, assigning roles, granting access, and creating projects.
  • Report generation
    Shows project progress and employee performance on visually pleasant dashboards.

Scope of work

The client didn’t use any custom or ready-made time tracker before, so we had to build the entire system from scratch. Our full-cycle web development services covered the following elements:

Our services


time booking tool


Our team built a robust web-based time tracking app that helped the client significantly improve its team and project management. Here are the key benefits they’ve received:

  • Maximized employee efficiency
    With the new custom solution, employees spend only a few minutes a day on tracking time across different projects.
  • Increased project visibility
    Time tracking functionality allows managers to monitor task performance so the team always meets deadlines and stays on budget.
  • Better HR management
    Based on the data from the time and attendance system, managers can make more informed HR and hiring decisions.
  • Error-free estimation and bills
    No more conflicts with customers. Now, all calculations are automated so invoices contain only accurate information about due payments for the client’s services.

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