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A desktop application for blacking out sensitive information in PDF files

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Our client is a mid-sized European law firm. Like most lawyers, legal professionals from the client’s office work with dossiers that often contain sensitive information. Many documents from such dossiers exist in PDF format since the originals are scanned and transferred to safes right after arrival. To mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to personal data, the client decided to build a desktop application that would allow lawyers to hide confidential information in scanned files. The tool was meant to work on all devices that support Windows 10 and higher.


Ensuring a proper level of data protection was the client’s priority. But besides paying attention to the app’s security, we had to create a user-friendly UI since the main task of the tool was to simplify lawyers’ work, not to create additional barriers in the law firm’s routine.


  • Blacking out

    Lets users easily hide confidential information and personal data in PDF files

  • Document base

    Stores all scanned documents along with all the changes made by the tool users

  • File grouping

    Allows users to create dossiers and link scanned files to them

  • Advanced search

    Lets legal professionals filter documents by date and dossier number

  • Basic toolbox

    Contains basic features such as ‘save edits,’ ‘rotate,’ ‘zoom in/out,’ ‘undo,’ and ‘revert changes’

  • User profile

    Allows users to create personal accounts, specifying their name, position, and other essential information

Scope of work

We took over this project after the previous development team had failed to meet the client’s requirements. Although some code had already been written, our programmers had to review it and spend some time paying off technical debt. In general, we provided the following software development services to the client:

  • Baseline evaluation
  • Research
  • UI design
  • Refactoring
  • Back-end development



MVVM Light Toolkit


XFINIUM Software



Visual Studio


Our team developed a robust desktop application that works on all Windows-based devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones) and satisfies the client’s needs. By using the tool, the client’s law firm received the following benefits:

  • Improved data protection

    The scan tool helps users quickly and easily black out sensitive information in PDF documents, hiding it from the third parties’ eyes.

  • Efficient document management

    The scan tool allowed legal professionals to arrange scanned files into categories, link them to existing dossiers, and search for documents by the number or date.

  • A higher level of convenience

    Users can download the scan tool to any Windows-based device and use it even when they’re not in the office.

  • Simplicity

    The tool has an intuitive interface, so no training for potential users is required. New employees can start using the app straight away.

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