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Our client is a Canadian product company. Its team wanted to maximize people’s climbing experience and help climbers stay safe on the route. To bring this idea to life, they decided to build a mobile app that would provide users with comprehensive information about crags, locations, and routes. In addition, the application had to give users an opportunity to track their personal progression and share their climbing experiences, insights, and concerns with the community. The client’s team was looking for programmers with a high level of mobile app development skills to cover the coding part of this project and they chose us for this role.


The client came to us with a rather complex product concept. Its implementation required dynamic coding of images and navigation services. Besides, a mobile app had to be tied into a web-based interface, so we needed to ensure continuous data exchange between two systems.


  • Informational portal
    contains up-to-date information about various climbing locations
  • Interactive topo maps
    help climbers to stay on the route and plan the future trips
  • Personal account
    lets users store information about their favorite ascents and monitor personal progress
  • Integrated payment system
    allows users to pay for the auto-renewable subscription right in the app
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Scope of work

The client outsourced multiple teams to work on this product. Our main task was to develop separate pieces of the app functionality based on designs created by UI/UX specialists. We also had to rebuild GPS and navigation systems from the bottom up to get rid of numerous bugs in existing code.

Our services


  • Xamarin.Forms
  • MVVM Toolkit
  • Custom Controls
  • Google Maps
  • AppCenter
  • FFimageLoading
climbing mobile app


We cleaned up the code written by the previous team and developed the rest of the functionality from scratch. As a result, the client received a feature-rich climbing app that not only functions perfectly but also delivers an outstanding user experience. The application was published in the App Store and Google Play Store. It brings users a variety of benefits:

  • Dynamic climbing guidebooks
    the application contains a lot of information and photographs of the most popular climbing areas, so users can easily plan routes and find the best crags
  • Improved safety
    the app makes climbing adventures safer by keeping users informed about on-trail hardware issues (e.g. missing hangers, loose bolts)
  • Inspiration for new achievements
    the mobile app allows users to track their climbing progression with powerful metrics, inspiring them for greater results
  • Community interaction
    being a communication platform for many climbers, the application unites like-minded people with common interests

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