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Trip LV is a Latvian startup that has an ambitious idea. With their road trip app, you can plan your trip across Latvia, optimize your route, or make it truly unique, thanks to 13 available categories of stops. Also, this road travel app makes it possible to share your road trips with your friends.


We have developed the particular road trip tracker app from the logo and general style (UI design) to a thorough analysis of the entire user flow within the mobile app (UX design). Thus, we could deliver a perfect, user-friendly car trip app that will help you plan your trip, create an appropriate trip route, and benefit from using offline maps. Besides, we have created a simple and clear admin panel that allows users to change the trip plan by adding and editing places they see on the map.

This travel app is the most efficient tool for planning your road trip across Latvia. With this trip planner designed specifically for making your road trip easier, customers can create, organize, and map their road trip route. At the same time, they have their trip route and a relevant map in one view. It means that customers do not need to switch between various apps, tabs, or tools for tracking their road trips or the entire trip plan.


  • Registration

    the planner app offers easy user registration. Just create your account and start planning a trip

  • Interaction action

    our mobile app for trip planning has a simple and intuitive interface with clear elements and usage tips

  • Menu

    easy navigation through the travel app thanks to an intuitive interface

  • Map

    a clear map that shows a road trip route and all the places next to it. The particular planner app maps any trips you want to organize in Latvia

  • Route creation

    the interface of the travel planner allows you to plan your trip appropriately – create a route, add, and track all stops on your road trip

  • Admin panel

    using this travel planner for planning a trip, admins can add and edit different places that they see on the map of their road trip

Scope of work

When the representative of this road trip planner app contacted us to discuss the development of their trip planner app, they had only a simple idea. Our objective was to create an up-to-date UI/UX design, build the trip planning site, and provide it with post-release maintenance. Therefore, our services included:

  • UI/UX design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Quality assurance
  • Product maintenance
  • Support




AppCenter CI/CD


In-App purchases

Multi-language support


We develop an iOS travel planner app for making the users’ trip planning across Latvia easier. Each user can enter the desired point of departure and the location where they want to finish their road trip and then explore the most interesting places offered by a trip planner. You can use the database provided by our road trip planner to plan your trip more quickly and smoothly. Thus, our trip planner serves as a local guide for getting a unique experience on your road trip and finding fascinating stops.

  • Add places

    Users can save the desired places in a road trip planner easily

  • Share your routes with friends

    You can share your road trip with your friends

  • Optimize your route

    With our travel app, users can plan the best road trip route for visiting must-sees in Latvia

  • Personalized suggestions

    Make your trip planning smarter by finding new places to visit depending on your itinerary

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