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A clinical web app for effective management of patient feedback

«On the design side of things and in general, their coding ability is very high»


Our client is a Western European tech startup focused on medical software. Its team decided to create a web-based application that would help behavioral health therapists easily solicit patient feedback as well as capture the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) scores. They were looking for a professional and reliable nearshore development company to outsource product development. Being impressed with our proposal and expertise, the client chose our team to bring their idea to life.


The client planned to sell its solution in many countries all over the globe, including the US, so it had to be HIPAA-compliant. We also had to consider that therapists would want to integrate this software with other systems they use. So it was our job to ensure that the app can seamlessly communicate with the rest of the clinical IT infrastructure.


  • Tag system

    Helps clinicians mark patient cases with tags to easily navigate through the system.

  • Advanced ORS and SRS system

    Allows therapists to evaluate outcomes by capturing patient’s ORS and SRS scores.

  • Questionnaires

    Helps clinic administrators gather patient feedback about health services.

  • Filters & customization

    Allows therapists to customize the system based on specific criteria and use filters to search for cases.

  • Reports & statistics

    Let clinicians track the patient’s progress and adjust treatment accordingly.

  • Multilingual interface

    Supports 20+ languages, giving therapists from different countries access to the service.

Scope of work

At first, the client wanted to create a simple questionnaire app that would allow therapists to implement Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT). But after we discussed this idea, they decided to extend the app functionality and create a solution that would help therapists improve treatment outcomes and service quality even more. To complete the project, we provided full-stack development services that covered:

  • Research
  • Information architecture
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • UI design & responsive design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Quality assurance



.NET Framework


Visual Studio


SQL Server




Kendo UI


We built an end-to-end web platform that facilitates the collection and management of patient feedback during the treatment process. Our client released it on the target market and became one of the top five tech startups in Europe. The application also brought many benefits to clinicians who use it in their practices:

  • 1.2x increase in productivity

    With the app, therapists don’t have to collect patient feedback manually. They can track the treatment progress automatically, saving time for more important tasks.

  • $240 million saved

    The application can be integrated with other software systems used by clinicians. This enhances the efficiency of health services and allows therapists to cut costs.

  • 1000+ positive feedbacks

    Using the feedback management system reduces the no-show and dropouts rates. It also improves outcomes, resulting in higher patient satisfaction.

  • Simplified communication

    This software makes dialogue with patients easier since a therapist can generate conversation based on collected ORS and SRS scores.

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