Patient Feedback Software Development

A clinical web app for effective management of patient feedback


Our client is a Western European tech startup focused on developing medical software for healthcare providers. Its team decided to create a web-based application that would help behavioral health therapists easily solicit patient feedback as well as capture the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) scores.

They were looking for a professional and reliable nearshore development company to outsource medical device software development (also known as SaMD development). Being impressed with our proposal and expertise in creating solutions for healthcare organizations, the client chose our development team to bring their idea to life.


The client planned to sell its patient feedback software in many countries all over the globe, including the US, so it had to be HIPAA-compliant. We also had to consider that therapists would want to integrate this patient feedback app with other medical device software systems they use. So it was our job to ensure that the feedback system can seamlessly communicate with the rest of the clinical IT infrastructure like connected medical devices.


  • Tag system
    Helps clinicians mark patient cases with tags to easily navigate through the medical device software system. At the same time, using tags allows for filtering patient responses, identifying themes, and searching by different criteria. When adding tags to responses, flagging or marking them as urgent is also possible.
  • Advanced ORS and SRS system
    Allows therapists to evaluate outcomes by capturing patients’ ORS and SRS scores. The collected feedback data helps healthcare organizations analyze the current patient experience and identify the areas for further improvement.
  • Questionnaires
    Helps clinic administrators conduct various patient surveys related to received health services and get feedback from them quickly. Also, the robust patient experience software provides patients with direct links to relevant surveys. To do that effectively, it sends these links using email or SMS, which allows patients to fill in the feedback form at their convenience.
  • Filters & customization
    Allows therapists to customize the system based on specific criteria and use filters to search for cases. For instance, with our patient experience software tool, healthcare companies can apply filters to view different necessary responses divided by date, questions, or other critical filters. Meanwhile, customization options mean that you can modify the look of your patient surveys or queries if needed depending on patient requirements.
  • Reports & statistics
    Let clinicians track the patient’s progress and adjust treatment accordingly. Also, our patient experience system allows for generating instant reports easily and sharing them with all departments involved. After all, custom reports help analyze the performance rate effectively.
  • Multilingual interface
    Supports 20+ languages, giving therapists from different countries access to the service. Besides, the opportunity to collect patient feedback in various languages enables patients to communicate using their native or preferred one. That can improve patient experience significantly.
  • Doctors and personnel details
    Enables the head of the hospital or clinic to manage all the information details regarding doctors, nurses, and other personnel in one place. Also, that allows for evaluating their performance depending on the collected patient feedback.

Scope of work

At first, the client wanted to create a simple patient feedback form app that would allow therapists to implement Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT). But after we discussed this idea, they decided to extend the relevant patient feedback system and provide the solution with functions that would help therapists improve patient care, treatment outcomes, and service quality even more. To build this feedback software successfully, we provided full-stack development services that covered:

Our services


  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • AngularJs
  • Kendo UI
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
health metrics


We built an end-to-end web platform that facilitates the collection and management of patient feedback during the treatment process. Our client released its patient feedback software to the target market and became one of the top five tech startups in Europe. The application also brought many benefits to clinicians who deal with patient experience data and aim to increase patient engagement:

  • 1.2x increase in productivity
    With the app, therapists do not have to collect patient feedback manually. They can track the treatment process automatically, saving time for more important tasks. Also, patient feedback tools allow therapists to respond faster to different complaints and grievances by using custom real-time alerts, automated form letters, and relevant email notifications the managers receive. That results in prompt action and boosts patient satisfaction.
  • $240 million saved
    You can integrate your patient feedback solution with other medical device software systems used by clinicians. This contributes to speeding up the collection of patient experience feedback, enhances the efficiency of health services, and allows therapists to cut costs.
  • 1000+ positive feedbacks
    Obtaining positive feedback is crucial for all therapists. Using the feedback management system reduces the no-show and dropout rates. At the same time, it improves patient experience and leads to much higher patient satisfaction.
  • Simplified communication
    Patient feedback systems make the dialogue with patients easier since a therapist can generate conversation based on collected ORS and SRS scores. Besides, they allow for simplifying communication between different teams. That is because they have a unified view of patients’ feedback, which helps them find the required data regardless of their department and improves cooperation.
  • Actionable insights
    Your organization can obtain valuable insights making a significant difference. Thus, your personnel will properly understand the key reasons for negative and positive feedback, which is crucial for efficient decision-making.
  • Better personalization
    Our patient engagement tool for healthcare vendors makes it possible to tailor treatment approaches and communicate with patients smoothly. That guarantees more personalized care meeting their requirements to reduce readmission in some specific cases.
  • Faster resolution
    With the opportunity to collect patient feedback from various sources and access the correct data in real-time, your healthcare organization can process relevant complaints and suggestions much faster. The clinic’s staff can act on this data, driving immediate interventions, determining systemic risks, and building workflows due to the feedback.
  • Operational improvement
    Thanks to our feedback software, therapists and other staff members can get powerful analytics options. That allows for providing critical recommendations to deliver high-quality healthcare services and improve patient experience at all stages of their healthcare journey.

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