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A web solution and desktop application for lab ordering management

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Our client is a medical center specializing in sarcoma and other oncology disorders. To receive proper treatment, cancer patients have to do various lab tests on a regular basis. For physicians, it means a lot of time-consuming management work (i.e., placing lab orders, tracking their statuses, monitoring diagnostics results). Our client decided to streamline this process and let clinicians focus more on treatment strategies instead of wasting time on repetitive technical tasks. Its CTO sent us a request, asking to build a user-friendly web system that would allow medical staff to easily order and manage patients’ lab tests. The client also needed a desktop application for administrative purposes.


To bring the client’s idea to life, we had to integrate a new custom solution with several third-party systems. Our team also had to create an intuitive user interface that would make the web app easy-to-use even for clinicians who had never worked with such software before. Lastly, our programmers had to ensure the highest level of data protection to meet the regulatory requirements of the health industry.


  • Test ordering

    Laboratory ordering web app lets physicians place laboratory orders using pre-filled forms that contain all necessary patient information.

  • Dashboards

    Allow medical staff to monitor the status of all lab orders and instantly identify any delays or issues.

  • Report generation

    Lets doctors automatically generate reports to see all specimens in transit, complete and incomplete orders.

  • Patient database

    Stores patient demographic information required for placing lab orders.

  • User portal

    Lets users create their personal accounts and access them upon authorization.

  • Advanced security

    Ensures a proper level of data protection; make the system resistant to data leakages.

  • Notification configuration

    Allows clinicians to set up notifications based on their needs and preferences.

  • Diagnosis card builder

    Lets doctors create their own templates for diagnosis cards.

  • Report builder

    Allows every user to build customized templates for reports.

  • User role management

    Lets system administrators assign user roles to medical staff.

Scope of work

We developed a web solution and desktop application from scratch. Our developers connected the Lab Web Portal to such systems as: 

  • STARLIMS (a popular laboratory information management system) to enable the processing of lab results
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM to simplify management of all interactions with patients, and
  • LKBridge (a connectivity solution) to eliminate the necessity of retyping patient demographic information that already exists in the electronic format from other management systems to the new solution

In general, the scope of work completed by our team covered the following development services:

  • Research
  • User flow mapping
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development





Microsoft Dynamics



MVVM Light Toolkit





Kendo UI


To meet the client’s demands, our team built two solutions: a comprehensive laboratory ordering web system and a user-friendly desktop application. As a result, they received:

  • Streamlined processes

    With Lab Web Portal, physicians don’t have to spend ages on data entry and other technical tasks.

  • Elimination of human errors

    Automation of lab ordering leaves no space for double-entry, lost orders, and human-caused errors in patient information.

  • Easy monitoring of lab results

    When using Lab Web Portal, doctors can be sure that nothing is missed and they received all ordered results of lab tests.

  • Favorable work conditions for clinicians

    Lab Web Portal makes the life of medical staff easier, reducing the risk of professional burnout caused by excessive workload.

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