Business Digitalization for a Chain of Canadian Medical Clinics

A mobile app and web portal that supports telemedicine services and simplifies routine processes


Our client is a publicly-traded company that operates a network of medical clinics in Canada and Mexico. All of the company’s clinics are located inside Walmart stores, making high-quality healthcare services convenient and accessible for patients. The client initiated this project because they wanted to digitalize their clinic processes and implement telemedicine services to improve business efficiency and patient experience.

When we received this client’s request, the client’s network of clinics relied on a generic white-label solution used by many of the client’s competitors. However, the client wanted custom software for several reasons. First, they needed functionality tailored to their specific requirements. Second, the white-label solution raised concerns about potential data leaks. And lastly, as a publicly traded company, they wanted to increase value for their shareholders.


The client had initially planned this project before COVID-19. However, its implementation coincided with the pandemic outbreak, bringing a heightened urgency to digitalizing the business and transitioning to online services. Thus, our team was under pressure to not only ensure the quality of the software but also to complete the project quickly.

On top of that, the client’s business operation had been limited to the Canadian market before the project kick-off. However, with digitalization, they also aimed to expand into Mexico. This presented our team with additional challenges, as certain third-party payment and verification integrations that worked in Canada were not available in Mexico. So we had to find alternative solutions to enable the software’s full functionality across all locations where the client operates.


In general, this project covered the development of two main components:

  • A mobile app (for patients)
  • A web portal

When building these products, we considered three categories of potential users: patients, doctors, and clinical staff. We developed the functionality to meet the needs of all these categories of users.

Features for patients:

  • Personal profile: creating a profile, easily locating clinics on a map, adding family members, marking doctors as favorites, and more
  • Personal medical information: uploading medical documents, managing information about personal medications
  • Medical exam and lab results: requesting details and documents related to medical examinations and laboratory tests
  • Notifications: receiving timely reminders for upcoming visits
  • Requesting an interpreter: asking for an interpreter to attend a doctor's visit (for patients who don’t use the local language), choosing an interpreter from an integrated third-party database
  • Immunization record: keeping track of vaccination history and schedules
  • Health risk assessment: completing an integrated survey to evaluate personal health risks
  • Appointment booking: accessing appointment calendar to schedule and review dates, times, and types (face-to-face, audio, video) of doctor appointments
  • Payment processing: paying for doctor appointments, whether personally via PayPal and Stripe (Stripe added for payments in Mexico that PayPal doesn’t cover) or through private insurance and state-sponsored programs
  • IoT medicine: gathering health information via medical IoT devices and adding it to patients’ medical records
  • Medication refills: ordering new medications from pharmacies (enabled with Shopify integration)

Features for doctors:

  • Doctor profile: creatine a profile, reviewing a list of patients who marked them as a favorite
  • Appointments: reviewing upcoming appointments, initiating or joining audio and video consultations
  • Medical records management: adding documents to the patient’s medical record, adding lab results and prescriptions
  • Personal calendar: reviewing a personal calendar, managing personal working slots, copying schedules to another week or time zone

Features for clinic staff:

  • Admin panel: setting a list of clinics, including their attributes, services, and working hours; adding doctors and staff to clinics
  • Appointment approval: approving appointments scheduled by patients or reassigning them to another doctor
  • Schedule management: reviewing schedules for a day, week, and month to plan and manage the workload

Scope of work

To meet the client’s needs and expectations, we built a custom mobile application for patients and a web portal for doctors and administrative staff. The project also involved a number of third-party integrations. Here’s an overview of our scope of work:

Our services


  • C#
  • .NET Core 3.1
  • Microsoft ASP.NET WebAPI
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • EntityFramework Core
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Angular 12
  • Angular Material
  • Xamarin
  • Third-party integrations (PayPal, Stripe, Shopify)


We successfully completed the project on deadline and fulfilled all of the client's requirements. Our custom solutions allowed the client to achieve their business objectives:

  • Digitalization of processes, transforming the client's clinic chain into a modern, technology-driven business.
  • Optimization of medical staff workloads through automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Streamlining patient flow and improving overall patient satisfaction.
  • Maintaining operational efficiency during the pandemic by proactively planning the development beforehand instead of making on-the-go adjustments.
  • Facilitating market expansion as our solutions enabled doctors based in Canada to provide their services globally.

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