Medical Information System

Healthcare management software for enabling personalized patient care

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Our client is a public entity operating in the healthcare sector. One of its tasks was to transform the way medical staff interacts with patients and to modernize healthcare institutions in general. To achieve these goals, the client needed a state-of-the-art healthcare software solution that would allow hospitals to work more effectively. In addition, the envisioned system had to facilitate communication with patients, making medical services more personalized and, ultimately, more human.


The client wanted to provide clinicians with the opportunity to access health records at any time while ensuring that sensitive medical information is reliably protected. So we needed to make the solution both user-friendly and secure. Also, our team had to ensure smooth integration of this medical information system with a mobile app to help doctors and patients stay connected 24/7.


  • Notification system

    Reminds patients about doctor’s appointments, lab tests, and medicine intakes.

  • Patient’s medical profile

    Stores all patient’s health data in a digital format; allows for its real-time updates.

  • Video calls

    Enable remote consultations with physicians using video conferencing capabilities.

  • Messenger

    Simplifies communication between doctors and patients by allowing them to chat in an app messenger.

  • Medication administration

    Ensures better patient safety by helping nurses properly administer medication.

  • Third-party integration

    Connects the system with the rest of hospital IT infrastructure.

Scope of work

The client approached us with the request to build a complex web system and a mobile app. We provided full-cycle development services that comprised the following elements:

  • Research & analysis
  • Information architecture
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping




MS SQL Server








React Native


We created the all-in-one hospital information system software that met all client’s requirements. By taking the quality of medical services to the next level, the solution brings a number of advantages to hospitals and patients:

  • Optimized processes

    The software allowed healthcare providers to establish better communication with patients, reduce paperwork, and ensure advanced data security.

  • 2.3x treated patients

    The medical information system accelerated routine hospital processes, allowing doctors to treat more patients within the same period of time.

  • 240 hours of work saved annually

    The solution helped doctors work more productively with no compromises on the quality of patient care.

  • 1.8x reduction in operational costs

    With medical information software, hospitals need fewer resources to support routine workflows so their operational costs are lower.

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