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Eloquenti, a well-known freelance marketplace, was launched by academic researchers who know from their own experience that every manuscript needs a second pair of eyes. They found that existing proofreading corporations were overpriced and lacked transparency. Thus, they decided to disrupt the industry by creating a novel and modern freelancer platform for editing and writing services.

With this freelance marketplace, users can find experienced proofreaders, editors, writers, and even scientific consultants. Eloquent, as a freelance marketplace business, is a perfect option for those seeking proofreading, copy editing, tech writing, and book writing services.


When working on this freelance services marketplace, the key challenge was to create a modern eye-appealing platform like Upwork or Fiverr that could connect freelancers and clients from all over the world. Our freelance marketplace development team spent a large number of hours on UI/UX discussion to bring our ideas to life.

In addition, during the development process, setting up a payment system was an especially critical task. That is because we had to consider payment flows through different countries, forecast possible dispute issues, and many more to make this freelance marketplace more attractive.

At the same time, our freelancer friends also shared their challenges related to using freelance marketplaces. They referred to finding reliable projects while maintaining the appropriate flexibility and freedom over their workflow. That led us to create a community of freelancer professionals and develop a fair freelance marketplace depending on transparency and trust.


Features As a reliable service provider, Exoft could deliver a top-notch marketplace website for freelancers that allows registered users to find and hire professional proofreaders, editors, tech writers, and scientific consultants from different parts of the world. Thus, our freelancing platform offers the following features:

  • Authentication
    Our marketplace development product makes it possible to register as a Customer or a Freelancer.
  • Browsing freelancers
    The filtering system provided by this freelance platform is very flexible. Clients get an opportunity to search, select, and book the necessary services from a particular freelancer depending on desired preferences like hourly rates, fixed prices, completed projects, etc. The search opportunities are must-haves for each efficient freelance marketplace.
  • Freelancer’s profile
    Customers can view and analyze user profiles, their qualifications, experience with the particular technology stack, specialty, or certifications. Therefore, we could build a freelance marketplace where people can find qualified candidates for their projects.
  • Requesting a quote
    Only registered users of this freelance website can send a request to a selected person and ask for an estimate. They can set a deadline, select the service, add relevant attachments, and send a message within our freelance marketplace. The quote may depend on different factors, including the freelancer’s hourly rate, service fee, etc. But also, users should choose a preferred payment method and not forget about the potential currency exchange.
  • Dashboard
    With our freelancer marketplace, users can view, track, and manage all their contracts, and requests.
  • Secure messaging
    A freelance marketplace like Upwork allows for discussing all the details between customers and freelancers in a secured chat. Exoft, as a leading software development company, could build a freelance marketplace appropriately and provide users with multi-channel communication. That is vital for freelancer marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr. After all, it is possible for users to record voice messages in their conversations.
  • Feedback
    After completing the contract on our online marketplace, the customer should leave feedback for his service provider. Besides, feedback is vital for those who work in the freelance industry, and a good one can increase a freelancer’s earnings.
  • Blog
    No matter whether you pay for subscription plans or not, our freelance marketplace offers a Blog section. Here, people can read many interesting articles about freelance platforms, including the online marketplace we developed.

Scope of work

To get such an outstanding freelance platform, our customer decided to choose custom development services. Therefore, when working on this freelance website, our scope of work covered:

Our services


freelance platform development


Exoft worked on such a custom development freelance marketplace solution for five months. The development phase resulted in a ready-made freelance platform that enables users to sign up as clients or freelancers, or even both, choose the desired subscription model and benefit from multiple payment options. Thus, we could build a freelance marketplace on the global level that connects customers with the best possible professionals to edit, proofread, write technical articles, and get scientific consulting services.

But at the same time, not everyone on our freelance website can register as a doctor. That is one of the most crucial points when using our freelancer marketplace. For instance, each applicant using the particular custom development tool has to provide licenses, diplomas, and other necessary information that confirms this person is a qualified professional for complete registration. After all, the confirmation process is conducted manually, so you should not worry that the potential editor you select on our freelance marketplace is fake.

In addition, all the information collected by freelance marketplaces like this is stored in the cloud. We use Azure cloud technology, which guarantees the impossibility of data loss due to system failures.

Finally, the two key advantages our freelancer marketplace provides are the following:

  • Work search
    Using freelance marketplaces is a great chance for professionals to find work. In this case, our freelance marketplace is no exception. Here, users can see the jobs posted by clients worldwide and filter them by categories, types, and locations. On freelance platforms like ours, they can find the desired job depending on their skills and make a relevant proposal. Also, our freelance marketplace ensures the appropriate communication between two parties.
  • Work space
    Like other famous freelance marketplaces, we offer a place for conversations, file sharing, and work history tracking. After all, each reliable freelance marketplace like Upwork or Eloquenti provides users with private messaging options, inbox notifications, etc. Implementing a convenient and intuitive space for users is essential for freelance platforms.

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