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Our client was a US-based startup that aimed to empower sales teams by adding value to the core of their sales operations. Its founders started as entrepreneurs and executives who had created and managed many successful Go To Market and Sales companies for businesses whose existence relied on selling differentiated value while showing unstoppable growth.

Considering such experience, they had faced numerous challenges and addressed them effectively. And they understood that all sales leaders they cooperated with or provided consulting services to whom coped with the same problems. Therefore, they started finding individual solutions for such sales managers.

After all, they decided to team up with prominent tech entrepreneurs leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and natural language processing (NLP) and founded The relevant AI sales assistant is focused on solving the common challenges of sales performance for all.

Finally, the duration of this sales assistant software development project is about two years.


Although AI sales assistant software provides sales reps with multiple critical features, including deep insights and increased sales targeting efficiency, the development of such sales tools is challenging. Thus, it was quite difficult to guarantee the appropriate accuracy of the relevant AI sales software because similar programs often make errors, which is a result of poor-quality programming.

Also, we had an objective to make our sales assistant software unique and differentiate it from other available products. Therefore, we should have tried to do our best to understand what matters to the platform’s prospects and add value to their businesses.



As an experienced AI sales assistant software development company, Exoft could build a robust tool aiming to increase sales productivity and provide it with the following sales software features:

  • Guided discovery. By leveraging AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms to correlate all data points regarding each opportunity, sales reps can discover the most crucial information. With our sales intelligence software, they can uncover customers’ pain and measure their business influence.
  • Auto-generated business case presentation. Just in a few clicks, sales and marketing teams can create the proper business case presentation for all sales opportunities containing necessary company information and so on. With the ability to automate routine tasks typical for the sales process, sales assistants can save days of work and promote their team’s winning patterns.
  • Live battlecard. Using our AI sales assistant software, your sales team will obtain the strongest possible differentiators to stay ahead of other competitors offering virtual sales assistants. Such differentiators always correspond to the customers’ pains in all opportunities and are demonstrated in the relevant business case presentation.
  • Discovery and qualification scores and alerts. Our sales software leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning for scoring discovery depth and evaluating business case strength. That allows sales teams to get alerts on gaps and weaknesses, along with valuable remedies suggested, and make data-driven decisions like prioritizing leads, contacting hot leads, or even improving overall daily sales activities.
  • Strengthened forecasting. Utilizing our AI assistant based on machine learning technology allows for enhancing sales forecasting and getting more revenue. That is because we have developed the best AI sales assistant that provides discovery depth and business case scores and guides sales reps in different qualification frameworks.
  • Constant evolving. Thanks to the Value Intelligence Cross-Correlation Engine (VIXe), the sales team can measure the change in the impact of requirements, pains, differentiators, issues, competitors, etc. That helps sales and marketing teams learn winning patterns, react to changes in the sales tools market, constantly improve their positioning and business cases, and make sales coaching better.

Scope of work

To build state-of-the-art AI sales assistant tools, our developers leverage the power of their expertise and machine learning algorithms. When developing this conversational marketing software, our scope of work included:

Our services


  • Java 11
  • Spring Boot/Cloud
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Our virtual sales assistant software development resulted in the creation of a robust tool for sales activities that allows for automating processes and improving customer experience. Now, it is widely used by numerous businesses, and the number of clients is rapidly growing, which makes Spotlight one of the most popular AI sales assistant tools in the market.

With our solution significantly different from many other sales assistant tools, clients obtain not only an improved sales funnel, automated routine tasks, and email marketing and meetings scheduling options but also helpful sales guidance. That allows for turning their unique value propositions into wins, which is particularly crucial during times of economic downturn.

Also, here are some critical benefits our AI-based sales assistant brings:

  • Strengthened team members’ expertise. With appropriate guidance for all opportunities, which depends on AI technology, spot-on discovery, lead qualification, and value positioning become more clear for the client’s sales assistants.
  • Eliminated forecasting surprises. Spotlight, as one of the leading guided selling tools, provides a new visibility layer. That helps improve lead generation and the overall sales cycle.
  • Easy installation and utilization. Compared to other sales assistant tools, ours encourages customers to leverage the available industry ROI models and specific playbooks. That allows for automatic evolution depending on winning patterns.
  • Integration with the existing tech stack. Like some well-known sales assistants, you can utilize our tool standalone or integrate it with other systems you are already using. That improves the impact of extra revenue and client success platforms.

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