SCOM: Health Check V2

Risk management software for improved diagnostics of data center performance

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Our client is running a consultancy business. Its employees are mainly office workers and, naturally, their productivity heavily depends on technologies. To monitor the health and performance of numerous enterprise’s IT assets, data center administrators of the client’s company use Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). But the problem is that  SCOM doesn’t support non-Microsoft services. It also offers rather limited opportunities in terms of exploring specific database issues. So to extend its functionality, the client asked our team to develop a custom solution that would enable advanced monitoring of the company’s entire IT infrastructure.


The IT ecosystem of the client’s company is complex and heterogeneous. It comprises a variety of completely different devices, services, and applications. Some of them were covered by basic SCOM capabilities while the visibility of other systems was low. Our team had to do a comprehensive review of the client’s IT environment to figure out what operations fall off the SCOM radar. We also needed to enhance the health monitoring of the client’s IT assets so the system can detect more errors and performance issues.


  • Deep-dive diagnostics

    Allows IT, administrators, to explore the performance of specific systems, servers, or devices in details.

  • Alerting capabilities

    Indicate locations of bottlenecks and prioritize issues by marking the critical ones with the red color.

  • Visualization of IT topology

    Lets data center administrators get an enterprise-wide view of all IT assets by presenting them on a single screen.

  • Analytics & reports

    Analyzes and shows on dashboards key metrics of the IT infrastructure (e.g. most common performance counters, most frequent events, etc.).

Scope of work

Our team created this risk management software solution from the ground up. To complete this project, we provided the following full-cycle development services to the client:

  • Baseline evaluation  & research
  • Information architecture
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping




MVVM Light Toolkit


SQL Server


Visual Studio


.Net Framework


Microsoft Expression Blend 4



We developed a robust software solution that greatly extends SCOM’s monitoring capability, bringing our client a lot of benefits:

  • Error-free operations manager environment

    By detecting problems in an operations manager environment, the solution allows the client to avoid numerous errors.

  • Streamlined migration to successor software

    The system delivers centralized visibility of the company’s IT infrastructure, simplifying migrations to the new products.

  • Increased availability of the IT assets

    The IT risk management software helps our client ensure that its services are always up and running.

  • Advanced IT management

    The solution facilitates the improvement of daily technical operations, making the client’s business more productive.

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