Healthcare Website Design: 7 Examples

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Since the modern world is becoming more and more digital, hospitals and other healthcare organizations also start depending more on their digital marketing strategies and healthcare websites to continue their mission. Exoft, as a software house, has vast experience in custom healthcare software development that is crucial for each healthcare service because healthcare sites allow serving their patients and inspiring their supporters. At the same time, hospital websites are always considered the primary source to communicate health information.

In the case of the best healthcare websites, a great web design is even more critical than the platform on which the medical website is built. As healthcare providers rarely have the required skills and experience in website design and development, they need an appropriate CMS (content management system). That provides non-technical users with an opportunity to add and update information on their hospital’s website easily.

Especially during crisis time, like the coronavirus pandemic, having an efficient custom healthcare website offering a memorable user experience and intuitive navigation is a must-have. Exoft as a software house can provide your healthcare company with the best healthcare website design and make it an important part of your digital strategy.

To help you obtain the healthcare website design inspiration, we created a list of the top ten healthcare organizations with the best web design. Thus, you can browse through these leading websites in the healthcare industry to realize how you can implement the best practices to your healthcare website.


Zocdoc serves as a great example of customer-oriented design. That is demonstrated by the one micro-interaction on the company’s homepage – a specific application section.

Zocdoc offers a “Send link” interaction that allows users to type in their phone numbers and receive a relevant application link on their mobile devices. Instead of copy-and-pasting or re-looking the healthcare website on smartphones, customers obtain a streamlined way for the task completion. Although such an interaction is quite simple, it makes a user experience more convenient for visitors, which also helps Zocdoc get desired conversions.



If considering a visual and branding viewpoint, this website seems to be very warm, inviting, and approachable. Besides, it corresponds to Tia’s mission since the particular healthcare platform for the next generation women finds its mission in providing both empathy and innovation for helping women thrive.

That makes such branding attractive to the next generation represented by Millennials and Generation Z’s who compose Tia’s target audience. Thanks to bold, bright colors, this healthcare web design differs from the traditional blue-and-white palette used by multiple healthcare organizations.

In addition, Tia’s images and photos are inclusive and on-brand, while the efficient mix of these two mediums brings a memorable experience. After all, such an approach promotes a playful and casual experience, which allows the organization not only to feel welcoming but also to provide a professional undertone necessary for each healthcare company.


Flutter Health

This medical website connects successfully with its target audience – women. However, instead of falling into the existing gender-related stereotypes, Flutter Health takes a bold approach to its web design. Their headline is “Women’s health. Period.” That allows considering the company as a strong, straightforward brand and helps make health data less daunting.

Analyzing the entire healthcare website, the particular tone of communication is persistent. It creates a cohesive and relatable experience for the women who are tired of suffering painful periods.

An interesting highlight is also the “about” section on the Flutter Health homepage. This healthcare company pairs a blunt copy with statistics to provide its target audience with both logical and emotional appeal. What about the content strategy – it remains strong throughout the entire experience.

flutter health

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

OHSU’s healthcare website design balances efficiently two critical tasks: serves as a source of navigation and tells the OHSU story.

Below the banner, users can find the audience-based navigation. The relevant navigation section allows grouping content depending on audience type. This approach is helpful for the content organization since it provides users with an easy way to navigate.

Besides, the OHSU’s homepage contains a section dedicated to its greater mission. Applying this approach, this healthcare organization can distinguish its brand from other competitors. Although it may be a minor touch, it brings a significant human element to a simple healthcare website.


One Medical

The website features of One Medical are recognized as cohesive and efficient. For instance, one specific element to indicate is the implementation of a notification banner placed at the website’s top. Thanks to a particular capability, this healthcare company can address messages that can serve as a top-of-mind for visitors. It means that One Medical is proactive, listening, and always ready for help.

one medical


Kindbody uses third-party validation for building trust. At the bottom of the company’s homepage, visitors will find a section that contains some quotes from various reputable press sources. Also, this section is followed by another one that highlights patient testimonials and reviews on their experience with Kindbody. Using the relevant “show, don’t tell” approach on a healthcare website allows visitors to feel more at ease.


Smoking Lung

The healthcare web design for Smoking Lung shows how a healthy lung differs from a smoker’s lung. Besides, it contains some interactive points that provide users with an opportunity to learn more about the lung’s various functions. Although the interaction is quite simple, it brings a powerful message.

At the same time, this medical website shares an embed code that allows visitors to copy and paste it into their pieces of content. Thanks to the integration with Twitter and Facebook, users can also share it easily on their social media accounts. Of course, Smoking Lung is not a traditional healthcare website, but it represents the ability of digital to educate.

Digital healthcare strategies for websites

The average healthcare company is considering providing a compelling user experience and maintaining effective healthcare marketing a significant challenge. Also, healthcare providers do not know how to create modern hospital website designs that can amaze their users.

Customer-oriented healthcare website design involves specific web design techniques that allow delivering an improved user experience to website visitors who look for certain medical services. Thus, the best healthcare website must incorporate mobile responsiveness and healthcare marketing goals and be ADA compliant.

Below, we briefly describe key digital healthcare strategies each hospital or healthcare center can apply to have the best possible healthcare web design.

Data Visualization

Investing in data visualization helps users make sense of their health. Thus, numerous organizations in the healthcare industry have begun to apply this concept that is simple when it comes to the healthcare space. It requires showing users complex health information using easily digestible ways, which allows understanding such information quickly with no additional assistance. Ultimately, in the internet era, a medical center that thinks patients will wait for phone calls or email letters does that at its peril.

Simple Search

So what makes healthcare websites serve as the patient-centric ones?

  • An appropriate hospital website design must contain a search button or field. You need to display it clearly and prominently on all pages.
  • Healthcare website designs must group categories that search results – for instance, you can divide them into “Neurology,” “Oncology,” or “Psychiatry.” Also, you can find it efficient to add subcategories that correspond to the chosen categories.
  • Filters that allow patients to narrow the search even after its execution.
  • Sort functions. Although users often want to get the most relevant results, they may also want to obtain the most recent results.
  • Search keywords are highlighted within the results.
  • The best hospital web designs predict the introductory text to show not only the result’s title but also an excerpt that involves the search keywords.

Intuitive Navigation Structure

An intuitive website taxonomy (also called the navigational structure) is among the critical website features each healthcare website must spend enough time creating. Thus, a hospital website structure needs to be simple, intuitive, and clear. That can guarantee the minimal efficiency of your hospital website design. In other words, you need to create a site structure that is transparent in your healthcare organization and labeling of its data and understandable enough with no additional explanation.

Visual Assets

The best possible healthcare website designs involve strong visual elements, including vibrant images, animation, or video content. Among the main principles to maximize the visual impact of your healthcare website are the following:

  • High-quality photos and videos. You should forget about cheap stock content.
  • Visual balance. It means that no one component may pull too much focus or provoke extreme asymmetry.
  • A limit on a color palette. Your website is not a rainbow circus.
  • White space. Such empty places in healthcare website designs provide the users’ eyes with rest and protect your website from looking too busy.
  • Micro-interactions. They can serve as small page animations which make a website more alive.

Attention to ADA Compliance

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is recognized as an in-depth civil rights law to protect people with disabilities from discrimination. This legal act applies the specific web content accessibility guidelines for determining whether a hospital website is ada compliant. Such guidelines provide valuable recommendations for different aspects that affect the user experience related to digital property. Finally, designers of ada compliant healthcare websites succeed if they can consider three classes of disability in detail: visually-impaired, hearing-impaired, and motor-impaired.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Unfortunately, medical services do not show quick progress in developing mobile-friendly designs, although mobile responsiveness is a key feature of the best hospital websites.

Multiple users come to your website to seek information. But if they find it difficult to read the text on their mobile phones, that is your failure as a healthcare organization. So there is a need to invest in a mobile-friendly design for beating the competition since an impressive, simple, and elegant healthcare website design will be attractive to patients.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials serve as critical factors to drive online decisions. If your medical center has appropriate reviews on its services of past customers, you should regard them as a significant asset. The bad news is that many healthcare organizations bury such reviews in hard-to-find subpages because these assets, along with testimonials, can impact purchasing behavior.

After all, the potential customers want to know how other patients assess your healthcare company. So you should place relevant “What Our Clients Say” sections front-and-center.

Need the best healthcare web design for your company?

Many health organizations have inappropriate and uninformative healthcare websites. But the high-quality healthcare website design can set a healthcare provider apart. It means that the strength of your healthcare website relies on the software development company you select to cooperate with.

Exoft’s team has significant experience in healthcare website design and development since we have built multiple revenue-driving websites for healthcare organizations. Check our portfolio to assess our web design expertise.

We have developed websites for different purposes, including small business practices or even enterprise-level web platforms. Our professional team can provide everything, from custom ui/ux design services to developing the software solution and creating a digital strategy. All the websites designed and developed by Exoft have:

  • Top-notch website features
  • Clear and intuitive navigation
  • Clean code, good hosting, and enhanced security
  • Appropriate mobile versions
  • Critical business information
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • SEO-friendly
  • Website accessibility


The appropriate website design for healthcare must adopt the existing general web design rules, including up-to-date visual design elements and website features, along with the convenient user experience and website accessibility. Besides, the efficient healthcare web design should provide a navigable layout optimized for mobile phones, properly placed CTA (call-to-action), and personalized valuable content.

At the same time, a hospital website may contain certain specifics that differ depending on the niche your healthcare organization operates in. If you find it difficult to adjust your medical website design to your objectives or target audience, do not hesitate to contact our team, and we will develop a top healthcare website.

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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