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Working Bicycle (WB) AG is the market leader for outdoor advertising management on bicycles in Switzerland. With an advertising network of more than 5,200 individuals, WB reaches thousands of people daily with their ooh media messages. This outdoor advertising company already conducts its business operations in seven Swiss cities. Their key idea is to encourage people to start using bicycles as a digital out of home advertising medium. Since WB can reach a large audience, it can serve as a perfect deal of interest in advertising management for both companies and local cyclists.


Working Bicycle is an online platform that allows companies to book digital outdoor advertisements on bicycles. Its founders, Patrick, Jérôme, and Luca, started building the MVP (minimum viable product) with another software, but they required higher-level resources due to growing needs. After providing some minor changes to the design, we started building the relevant outdoor advertising management software. In the beginning, we negotiated only software engineering from our side for this outdoor advertising platform. But during various stages of developing the particular outdoor advertising software, we needed help with product management and UI/UX design. So our team expanded from 2 to 10.


  • Multiple campaigns
    Riders can choose the desired outdoor advertising campaign and get their personal advertising boxes with marketing materials.
  • Dense advert-network
    Advertisers use the software to manage ad campaigns and reach all corners of chosen cities since the target audience may be in various public spaces.
  • Quick advertisement building
    The outdoor advertising builds up to reach the quickest. That helps advertisers save time and money and get greater sympathy and recognition.
  • Real-time tracking
    Users can track the movement, location, and exposure time of all Adboxes via the app. That allows WB to analyze such information at the end of ad campaigns and improve their business operations.
advertising platform

Scope of work

When Working Bicycle sent us a request for developing advertising software solutions, they already had a simple design. Our goal was to create a professional UI/UX design, build the actual ooh media platform and provide it with post-release maintenance. Thus, our services included:

Our services

  • Research & analysis
  • Information architecture
  • User flow mapping
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • UI/UX design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Quality assurance


advertising platform


We develop a cross-platform advertising management mobile app that was published on the App Store and Google Play Store. This digital out of home application can help you save time and money, improve business operations, streamline your ooh, and benefit from the power of digital.

This advertising management marketplace was separated for two main types of users: riders and advertisers. There are individual systems with different suites of features designed specifically for the two types.

Rider. Riders can earn money by just riding a bike and signing up for this digital outdoor program. After account completion, the user chooses the campaigns he likes and gets relevant details. The rider regularly scans the code on the received ad box when he starts his route and scans it out again at the end of the ride. Money is transferred within two weeks after the campaign to a Swiss bank or PostFinance account.

Advertiser. Right now, advertisers using this digital out of home app have access to riders in 18 Swiss cities. They begin their user journey with a starting campaign that requires providing general information and a start date. After that, advertisers choose the region for conducting outdoor advertising, suitable price, and the number of drivers; upload their marketing materials; and pay for services. Finally, they will receive a campaign overview with detailed information, including heat maps, points, and other statistics.

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