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Trends exist not only in fashion. Web is a constantly evolving universe, which grows at a rapid race and sets its own trends. So what is going to be the most popular in web development in the nearest future? And which trends are going to prevail and gain the prominence? Let’s take a look at top web development trends, which are about to become super popular sooner than you think.

Motion user interface (UI)

Motion user interface or Motion UI is an emerging trend in web development field, whose popularity is only going to grow. It is a Sass library commonly used in the field of custom CSS. Using Motion UI allows creating attractive CSS transition and animation that makes a website look better. It is also important here that Motion UI is compatible with entire animation library of JavaScript. Its core advantage lies in its simplicity: it is defined by easy and understandable steps, and its custom coding of transitions makes animations less complicated.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design that allows desktop web pages to be viewed in response to the size of devices they are being viewed with. It has already become trendy for mobile-friendly development. While mobile devices are rising in quantity and diversity, the popularity of responsive design is rising as well.

However, responsive web design is not going to be limited to the word “mobile” anymore. Advanced platform technology increases. New devices, new screens, and new gadgets appear all the time. And, so do responsive web design solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects embedded with technology that enables these objects to communicate and interact with the environment and each other. By linking the items to the internet, IoT empowers them not only to collect, but also to exchange the necessary data. It’s about invention of new objects as well as reinventing the ordinary ones and coming up with new upgraded solutions.


The number of devices being connected and accessible to the network is increasing day by day. From smart household appliances to industrial equipment, Internet of Things is changing the world we live in. IOT is even called the next industrial revolution. It merges the physical and virtual worlds, opening up new opportunities and conveniences for companies and consumers.

Browser based IDEs

Integrated development environment (IDE) consists of the basic tools developers need to write and test software, combining the roles of core editor, debugger, and compiler all in one package. It is designed to maximize programming productivity, making up a single program, in which all development is done. After the emergence of cloud computing, some IDEs have become available online and run within web browsers.

Browser based IDEs are rapidly becoming an attractive alternative to desktop IDEs. Their popularity is expected to grow by and by. Apparently, cloud-based IDEs have doubtless advantages – they do not require some appropriate installment or extremely powerful processors. All you need is a browser and internet connection, because any computer, which runs a modern web browser, will run browser based IDEs. Cloud-based versions of IDEs have undeniable benefit – their availability. And in a modern world that’s what is appreciated a lot.

Real-time everything

Real-time is about to be a new trend: there is real-time analytics, real-time services, real-time data, real-time news, and real-time everything. Having been around for a few years, real-time technologies have become widely created and used relatively recently. Nowadays, the global demand calls for it. Such widespread social networks as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have become undeniable parts of our lives.

And these networks are built upon real-time web technologies, providing instant communication, notifications, and news. Live streaming is also becoming very popular and important. Many live streaming offerings like Periscope, Meerkat, and Zapstream are gaining their popularity rapidly. This technology is being extensively discovered and developed, so we are facing an increase in the number of web and mobile applications, which work in real time.

Internet is full of advertisements, which are often very disturbing for its users. That’s why advertisement blocking plugins are becoming more and more widespread. As a result, website owners lose their revenue, because as we all know advertisements are one of the most powerful sources of earnings in this industry.

stop of ad blocking

Therefore, websites are going to try hard to lessen ad blocking and to save their money. Some new techniques are about to appear to neglect the effect of the plugins that block ads. Meanwhile, not solving the problem of extremely annoying ads this way, websites are expected to come up with new persuasive and more attractive ways of presenting their advertisements to users.

Foundation for apps

Foundation for Apps is a front-end framework from Zurb created for developing fully responsive web applications. It is something totally new in Foundation versions. Foundation for Apps has got a new grid, based on Flexbox and panels, built on Angular. It also makes a hit with its flexibility, offering flexible notifications, menu bars, and action sheets. This framework is full of UI components and its Motion user interface is a sensation and has already been mentioned in this article as a new web development trend. Foundation for Apps enables developers to code single page web applications faster than ever before. Its attractive features make this framework really competitive on IT market.


Docker is a huge software containerization platform. As its website says, “Docker containers wrap up a piece of software in a complete file system that contains everything it needs to run: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries – anything you can install on a server. This guarantees that it will always run the same, regardless of the environment it is running in”.

So, the container meets all the requirements in order to run application on its own. This means that developers can create, run, and deploy their apps faster in any environment. Therefore, looking at all these advantages, growing popularity of Docker is just inevitable.

Full screen navigation design

Full screen navigation design makes web navigation on mobile phones much easier for users. If a user wants to fill a registration form on his mobile device, the form will automatically change to full screen size and the user will be able to fill it out without any problems. The websites, which support full screen navigation design are being constantly developed and appear more often. Developers and designers are working on it.

full screen navigation design

Long scrolling

Many websites put the most important content they have on a home page, making it pretty long. This page is made in order to have the most important information more accessible for the clients. Moreover, it allows users to scan all the visual and website content with less effort, just thumbing through one page, and to stay longer on that website, which is favourable for the website itself. This trend is about to continue as it helps businesses to get all the important information to the clients easier and is a good tool for engaging their potential clients.

One page applications

Single page applications (SPA) is another web development trend characterized by higher level of simplicity and ease of use. Using one page application means getting all the information and details you need without being redirected to another page. Thus, applications load much faster, run faster, and are capable of working offline. There is a number of frameworks for the applications, such as Backbone, Angular, and React.

Apparently, there are some disadvantages, such as lower level of security and the need for Javascript to be enabled in the clients’ browser. Still, one page applications definitely go over big with their performance improvement, user friendliness and interactions without reaching server again and again.


Javascript is considered to be essential language for web development and it’s not going away soon for sure. Over the previous years, Javascript has evolved from the desktop only to mobile and server-side web applications area. This programming language is a must-be on the browsers, and browsers continue to be one of the most used software applications on both computer and mobile devices. Of course, it can’t be used for everything and has its benefits and drawbacks. Nevertheless, it’s comparatively fast, simple, adaptable, and suggests extended functionality on websites.

Cloud computing

These days, cloud computing obviously shows its rapid growth. Cloud computing provides shared processing resources and data on cloud instead of storing it on a hard drive of computer. So, it is a kind of Internet-based computing, which enables keeping, processing, and managing resources through the world-wide communication network. Cloud computing simplifies the software process, giving the access to the same information and resources using various electronic devices without necessity to build computer infrastructures in-house. It has its huge benefits like flexibility, availability, increased collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and so on.

New cloud trends are being increasingly developed, more and more companies invest in software created on cloud. That is why cloud computing professionals are in high demand.



Looking at all these web development trends it’s not hard to notice that they have something in common. The key factors that will decide the future of web development are higher efficiency, greater flexibility, increased customization, and ease of use. So, web development is heading in the direction of making the software process more user friendly. And that’s a good thing.

Web development world is growing very fast and generates more and more ideas, solutions, technologies, startups, and profits. So, keeping up with its current and upcoming trends is essential in order to succeed in this area.

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We always keep track of the latest trends in the tech and business world. Check out our blog for the expert opinion on the hottest topics!

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