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BIS Consulting is among the leading companies that provide supply chain, logistics, and distribution services. It is based in Farmers Branch, Texas, in the United States. They contacted Exoft to hire a team of professional tax software engineers to oversee the design and development of the particular system which dealt with land tax calculation.

The specifics of such tax practice management software is the dynamic configuration of work with the information and the overall appearance of the website, depending on the end-user. This tax software platform helps taxpayers in Texas file taxes, monitor tax accuracy, ensure correct calculations, and appeal against incorrect accruals.

The duration of this project was three years.


The key challenge related to the discussed contract was to retrieve the information from the customer’s database on time. For instance, searching for 50 records could last for up to one minute, which resulted in substantial delays. Therefore, Exoft proposed to apply Apache SoIR, an efficient Java-based, open-source search platform. Such a platform allows indexing, querying, mapping, and ranking immediately, which enables the identification of critical items from the database if needed.

In addition, we created online tax forms to challenge a wrong tax calculation because tax compliance is different for each citizen.


  • Sales tax registration
    That allows tracking users’ taxes automatically and seeing where they need to file.
  • Rate calculation
    End-users will obtain correct taxes with more accurate tax rates and regulations.
  • Return & remittance
    Since the client’s business grows, they can save time during preparing returns and filing them.
  • Insights from content and information
    End-customers can find reliable data and retrieve a secure file that contains their sales tax obligations.

Scope of work

BIS Consulting tax management software serves as the group of various projects, which we delivered under the Agile SCRUM methodology using a series of sprints. That included:

Our services

  • Collating high-level requirements from BIS stakeholders regarding tax preparation software;
  • Developing the project program and breaking it down into development-ready phases;
  • Developing tax management software;
  • Quality assurance and testing;
  • Beta stage and prototyping;
  • Collating and making amendments/patches depending on client requests and other stakeholder feedback.


tax management system


The most critical lesson to apply to subsequent contracts is to provide greater scrutiny of current customer systems and information architecture before or immediately after kick-off meetings. The key challenge we have previously mentioned served as a result of relevant assumptions that the customer’s current database gained significant functionalities like search or filtering. That allowed us to inform our project program.

Now, we intend to clarify assumptions during project kick-off, which enables our solutions to amend if needed and ensures that expectations are managed efficiently. However, we could deliver the project on time and follow the necessary budget. Also, we continue maintaining the system and optimizing it depending on real-time data logging and analysis.

Ultimately, BIS, as the appropriate tax management software to file taxes, allows:

  • Performing Tax Return Scanning (TRS) on all single returns
  • Supporting documentation for Tax Planning Strategies (TPS)
  • Creating professional tax plans for end-users
  • Enhancing accuracy with regular updates of tax rates
  • Analyzing numerous Tax Planning Inputs (TPI) combinations and finalizing plans for end-users

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