Food safety management software

An easy-to-use mobile app for achieving full food safety compliance


Our client is a former C-level executive of a large restaurant chain. Efficient food safety management was one of the biggest challenges of his work. The mater is that it was absolutely impossible to cover all aspects with manual workflows while existing food safety management systems were too complex. The food distribution industry is very dynamic, and it requires fast decision making. So, our client decided to create a simple and convenient mobile app that would allow managers to control food processes, manage suppliers, and generate reports on the go.


Every food distribution business is unique. Although our task was to build out-of-the-box food safety software, we had to make it customizable enough to meet the needs of a wide range of enterprises. Our UX/UI designers also had to create a simple user interface that would allow users to perform most tasks in a few clicks.


  • Database of food control metrics
    Contains a large number of food control metrics that users can access and adjust to their needs if necessary.
  • E-mail notification system
    Sends user e-mail notifications about task statuses, food quality incidents, and other important events.
  • Role & task assignment
    Allows managers to assign user roles and tasks to employees and track the progress of their performance.
  • Customizable UI templates
    Let businesses to customize template UI designs to make them comply with the brand’s visual identity.
  • Report generation
    Allows users to create all necessary food safety reports by just tabbing a few buttons in the app.
  • Advanced security
    Ensures the reliable protection of user information, communication, and processed data.

Scope of work

When we started working on this project, the client had already released a web version of his food management software. However, it required significant refactoring and responsive design. Our team also had to develop a mobile application from scratch. So, we provided the client with the following development services:

Our services


  • C#
  • Xamarin
  • Swift
  • SQLite
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We built a user-friendly mobile application that meets all the client’s requirements and satisfies the needs of end-users. Businesses operating in the food industry can expect the following benefits if they use this app:

  • Increased compliance
    The app allows food distribution organizations to improve food safety compliance and reduce the risk of costly liabilities.
  • Internal & external collaboration
    By using this food safety management application, businesses can improve internal team collaboration as well as communication and relationships with partners.
  • Optimized processes
    The mobile app helps managers assign and monitor the performance of tasks from any location as well as make more informed decisions.
  • Better control & auditing
    With this app, food companies can control suppliers, gather data, collect feedback, and constantly monitor food quality.

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