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ViClinic is an incredibly critical project in the healthcare field aiming to improve patient care and provide users with efficient medical services. It allows patients to visit doctors of different specialties anywhere around the world, having only a smartphone and Internet connection. At the same time, ViClinic is an outstanding opportunity for doctors to get some extra work in their spare time, separate from their principal workplace, or even have a permanent job.

During the calls with patients, doctors can take relevant notes, define a preliminary diagnosis, suggest treatment options, write the examinations referrals. After that, patients may access all the necessary EHR (electronic health record) data. Soon, the patient’s health information will also be accessible for doctors, which allows simplifying communication.


When developing the particular telehealth solution, the key challenge was to create a system that would support video calls, chats, and payments equally. Besides, setting up a payment system for doctors was considered an especially critical task.

Fortunately, since we had vast experience in building telemedicine solutions for healthcare providers, we did not have numerous problems during the ViClinic development. However, selecting, setting up, and testing a reliable system for video calls that would be easy to understand and support on various mobile devices and web browsers was a great challenge. For example, we analyzed about 3-4 systems, and 2 of them were suitable for our needs. But only one was easy enough to work with and understand correctly.


  • Authentication
    ViClinic app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, which offers a smooth experience and increases patient engagement.
  • Native apps
    ViClinic app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, which offers a smooth experience and increases patient engagement.
  • Browse doctors
    As one of the leading telehealth solutions, our app enables patients to search, select, and book appointments with doctors depending on location, type of disease, or doctor’s specialty.
  • Doctor’s profile
    Existing patients can analyze doctors’ qualifications, specialty, or certifications. Besides, they can add them to their favorites list.
  • Video consultation
    With our telemedicine solution, patients can connect with their doctors via two-way video communication
  • Audio consultation
    ViClinic offers an easy-to-use voice call option. That allows patients to connect with chosen healthcare providers for consultation.
  • Secure messaging
    Doctors and patients can chat with each other to check the health status of the last ones in real-time.
  • Health records
    Our application provides a dedicated section for patients where they can access all previous appointments, health-related data, and even transactions.
  • Add family members
    Thanks to our telemedicine solution, patients can add family members to their accounts. Also, they can book appointments with necessary doctors for them and access their electronic health records.

Scope of work

The amount of work required for the appropriate telemedicine solution development is always significant. We must have created a vast system that included mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, web application, admin part, API part, and databases. Also, we worked on improving patient experience with features like sending SMS and push messages, video calls, payments, medical images or documents savings, etc.

Therefore, we created, configured, and tested the entire basic part of the project and entered the open testing phase. Now, our plans are to engage more patients and expand the functionality of our virtual care solution. Ultimately, our services included:

Our services


telemedicine system


Our development process resulted in a ready-made system that allows doctors to register as doctors and start earning and patients to seek medical advice from doctors of different specialties whenever they want using any language. That makes ViClinic one of the best telehealth solutions promoting telecommunications technology and emerging medical devices in the modern digital age.

Right now, there are three types of visits patients can choose from:

  • Scheduled for an available doctor
    A patient can select three options for the time of their visit, and the available doctor will take one of them.
  • ASAP visit
    A free doctor makes an appointment without a time agreement. That allows patients to make an almost instant call and receive urgent care from a healthcare provider.
  • A scheduled visit to your doctor
    The patient can select one of the doctors he has invited or added to the favorites list before. That requires patients to choose three options for time, and if none is suitable for their doctors, the last ones will provide patients with three alternatives.

Besides, one of the crucial points is that not everyone can register as a doctor. For instance, each applicant has to provide licenses, diplomas, and other necessary information that confirms this person is a doctor for complete registration. After all, the confirmation process is conducted manually, so you should not worry that your potential doctor is fake.

Finally, all the information collected by such telehealth solutions is stored in the cloud. We use Azure cloud technology, which guarantees the impossibility of data loss due to system failures.

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