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Our client is a leading European electric car charging company. It owns more than 70,000 EV charging stations in 30 countries. To help car drivers easily find a charging point wherever they go, the client’s team decided to unite all internal country networks in a single global network. The idea was to make all charging stations accessible to customers via an RFID key regardless of their locations and country borders. 

In addition, the client cooperates with different car manufacturers, fleet operators, and leasing companies. That’s why it required a reliable web solution that would enhance and streamline management of B2B customer relationships. Lastly, the client needed to rebuild its corporate website so it can properly represent changes in the company’s public positioning.


To meet all client’s requirements, our team had to develop a complex yet user-friendly EV charging software solution. We needed to create multiple user roles with different features assigned to each of them. We also had to ensure that every customer can access the maximum amount of data they require.


  • Customer portal

    This online tool allows users to create personal accounts, add and receive information, search for the nearest charging station, monitor its availability, and pay for charging services online. 

    After registration, every user gets an RFID key that enables immediate access to the charging network. This improves the speed and quality of the client’s services.

  • Partner portal

    This web system is designed to enhance the management of the client’s corporate partners and their customers. It gives the client’s partners an opportunity to use a special system with a custom set of features. 

    In particular, the functionality of this tool includes registration, subscription, customized promotions, etc.

  • Admin portal

    This web system is aimed at optimizing the client’s internal administrative processes. It allows the client’s employees to quickly receive data, monitor customers’ actions in real time, and streamline the communication process. 

    By automating key workflows, this tool helps the client’s team deliver services faster while staying customer-oriented.

  • Company’s website

    EV charging software developed by our team significantly improved the client’s e-mobility charging solution. Naturally, the client wanted to make these changes visible on the company’s website.

    Our programmers made a lot of major changes to the client’s old site to make it up-to-date. Now, it accurately reflects the current client’s public positioning.

Scope of work

The client had several teams working on this project. Our task was to implement the new functionality in the company’s web solutions based on wireframes and designs developed by the client’s UX team. We also had to improve existing features and update the client’s website. Our web development services covered:

  • Baseline evaluation
  • User flow mapping
  • Front-end development














Together with a client’s team, we agreed on creating a separate web system for each type of user, enabling the constant exchange of information among all of them. We built three web portals and made significant changes to the company’s public website. Results are beyond-expected:

  • Increased brand awareness

    The complete reconstruction of the website helped the client attract more public attention to its brand.

  • Improved partner relationships

    By allowing partners’ customers to join the program on special terms, the client managed to improve its B2B relationships.

  • Higher customer satisfaction

    A scan & charge function simplified the charging and payment process for users, making the client’s services even more convenient for EV drivers.

  • +6 countries

    The client has entered new markets after the software release.

  • 4x partners

    The number of partners has increased since the system launch.

  • +40% of customers

    With new web services, the client’s customer base has significantly grown.

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