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A top-notch sales CRM solution for educational institutions


Our customer was a software development agency from Bangkok, Thailand. It needed extra resources for assisting with cloud-based CRM software development. Thus, Exoft provided necessary staff augmentation services to create a CRM platform called Quoton. Such a platform allows focusing on easy and timely interactions, executing tasks, and managing projects efficiently. After all, Quoton ensures more timely, detailed, and accurate sales reports, along with improved lead tracking.

The duration of this project was 11 months.


We built a reliable custom CRM solution that provides the sales process with increased efficiency. In this particular case, our approach was simple – we wanted to develop a good CRM tool considering activity-based selling. We believed that it might have been difficult for salespeople to control results. Thus, our custom CRM platform should have allowed all users to control actions appropriately and drive many deals towards completion.

Since we focused on building a CRM system for advanced sales in the first place, the main challenge was to create a new version and migrate all the necessary data to a relevant education CRM solution. Also, it was a challenging task to update the design of the previous version and provide CRM for education organizations with new functions.


  • Office 365 integration
    Such integration allows the users of this education CRM to edit the Office documents from different browsers and devices, offers continuous auto-saving and automatic file-locking, and maintains real-time collaboration.
  • Quick system search using Elasticsearch
    Elasticsearch is incredibly fast and scalable and can index numerous types of content. It means that the users of our CRM for education industry can apply it for multiple use cases, including app and website search, logging and log analytics, app performance monitoring, business analytics, and many more.
  • Report Builder
    The particular tool enables the users within the education sector to create necessary data visualizations. That may involve charts, maps, sparklines, tables, or graphs that allow producing new valuable insights. Also, Report Builder can be used for creating reports and sharing datasets like students profiles.
  • Business Steering Wheels
    With this feature, users gain the opportunity to perform certain tasks under certain rules.

Scope of work

We created a new version of the particular CRM software and migrated all the necessary data from another CRM system. Besides, we changed the design of the old version of custom relationship management software and provided the newly created education CRM with additional key features. For instance, we designed an easy-to-navigate CRM panel for the sales team and developers.

Application features of varying complexity were implemented and deployed on the Internet Information Services (IIS) server.

Our designers worked on the relevant education CRM software in detail. That allowed educational organizations to analyze the overall situation regarding their projects, view each project separately, and see personal tasks in various projects. Ultimately, when developing the discussed CRM platform, our services included:

Our services


Work process

Creating efficient CRM solutions requires taking a few critical steps. Our team started developing the particular CRM for education industry by conducting a research analysis of the information related to the project. The next stage of our education CRM development process was to prepare UI/UX design. Lastly, all of the tasks covered by our CRM software development services were tested appropriately.

  • UX research.
    Firstly, building education CRM tools predicts conducting a relevant study. That allows understanding better what the educational institution expects from a designed CRM platform.
  • UX design.
    Secondly, we organize the navigation through the CRM software for making access to all important functions as intuitive as possible.
  • UI design.
    Thirdly, our education CRM development team needs to design modern visuals. That allows organizations within the education industry to run the advanced CRM platform easily.
  • Tests.
    During the education CRM software development process, our team tests MVP (minimal viable product) flow. That helps ensure our CRM systems can fulfill their roles.


Our development of CRM for education industry resulted in creating a new version of the system and migrating information from another CRM system. Also, we could change the design of the old version and provide new crucial features. Now, Quoton, as an efficient cloud-based CRM solution for the education industry, allows:

  • Maximizing the efficiency of the recruitment process;
  • Tracking the admission process and communication with students after they log in;
  • Managing the entire constituent lifecycle;
  • Streamlining operations, reducing costs, intensifying revenue generation processes, and developing business processes;
  • Integrating with other campus programs;
  • Establishing and consolidating the relationship with students and keeping them engaged in all processes;
  • Providing school administrators with a better context about prospective students;
  • Improving marketing automation, developing a smarter marketing budget, and allocating necessary resources properly to deploy the most efficient marketing campaigns;
  • Creating custom input fields, marking the required ones, and gathering all the critical student information;
  • Enabling the staff of higher education establishments to access the necessary student data quickly and seamlessly. Such data may refer to prospective students, the existing ones, and alumni;
  • Creating sequences depending on defined activities or time-based triggers.

Ultimately, Quoton, as a reliable CRM tool for the education industry, brings together and enhances cooperation between critical internal, including sales, support, and marketing. Thanks to this CRM platform, users obtain a single, shared view of their client data. With Quoton, users can break internal silos for delivering tailored client experiences and building deeper relationships with their customers in the education industry.

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